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  1. I seemed to have found another hairstyle that will work in the mean time; it's not too bad... And while I'm at it, let's just show off some more pictures of the most boring shark in the world! And you can't get more boring than playing a piano... Because everyone knows that piano players are boring! Ahhh Second Life... Where I can go off and be a lonely, miserable man! Or um... shark...
  2. You are able to use mesh hair on the model, but as the case is with your rabbit, the head is often smaller to work with mouth meshes and thus I can't rescale the head without screwing up the eyes and muzzle! And I could say that Japanimation hairstyles are in, but then again, furry characters have always been known to have some pretty wacky hairstyles... =P
  3. UncommonTruth wrote: Maybe if you post a pic showing kind of what you're looking for in a hair, we can help find something that'll work I think I've seen one of the shark avis inworld, pretty cool Something that kind of looks like this (well, this how I draw things... So hopefully it isn't too horrible of an example)... It's a kind of hairstyle that I've been using for a very long time on my characters; perky bangs in the front that don't block out the face, while the rest of the hair is long in the back... If you want to see other examples (although a lot of weird garbage), my devi
  4. Umaeril wrote: @ Artie - Interesting! So what are you? A shark... I'm using the Avinity shark avatar, in which I didn't use the digigrade legs and "arm fins" on it, and he's wearing the female hair. Right now I'm trying to find a hairstyle that's long and has some nice big bangs on it (not bangs that make me look like some wannabe emo kid though) that won't clip through the backside of my body or get lost on the back fin. I also need to fix those arm bands so they aren't clipping through the arms, considering I want to have this "buff yet sleek" appearance... If I wanted to run around
  5. Hopefully nobody's going to get upset with my rather ugly avatar... Considering there's still a few things I want to fix, but haven't been able to find... I don't bite... very often.... Although those clipping armbands though...
  6. Hippie Bowman wrote: Yes indeed Artie. 8:30 Local here! Thursday is almost here! Peace! Happy Thursday then! =]
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