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  1. Dear Users , In reference to my previous post, I hereby inform you that I am able to find out why xxxxx.xxxxxx resident followed me and my partner xxxxx.xxxxxx resident xxxxx.xxxxxx resident had donate to my partenr one pair of earrings, one ring and a piercing. He said that he had made them. Come to order : February 15 , 2014,, I started to check all my partener's earrings, rings and necklaces. I noticed that : A necklace and a ring , by xxxxx.xxxxxx resident contained a script named " bling" . Both objects contained this script Just in the ring the old owner was not xxxxxx but xxxxxxxxx . So I went into his shop and I noticed that Mr xxxxxxxxxx sells HUD and SCRIPTS to spy on other avatars. Specifically, HUD is called "Spy complete package." Reading notes practically putting this script inside of an object ( watch , earrings, necklaces etccc ... ) whoever wears it he/she traced on the map and the local IM can be heard from distance. I bought this HUD to do the tests and the operation is explained in the notecard and because this script is called " BLING " . It called BLING why so disguises himself and the victims thought it was the brilliance of the object. In fact since she's not wearing more objects by this resident no longer able to find us and not read what we write in local. The stalker is an acquaintance of my partner and is also a premium account and he owns a lot of sim, that he rents regularly. We are afraid to make a complaint OFFICIAL for possible retaliation. WHAT WE NEED TO DO? We have objects with scripts donated Thanks
  2. Good evening to the entire board, I would like to inform you that for a couple of weeks an avatar pawn me and my partner. About two weeks ago he 'came into my house and started to tell her bad bad words and then from anywhere my partner go after a while he stood there without saying anything. He sent messages to both of us for telling me lies on my behalf and on his ... Finally, he said that if I will make REPORT, he will kill my avatr ? What can I do? Thanks to all. -Thank you to all well 1 - Made report He has 3 avatrs 2- Mute, derender 3 - Is not my land. I pay for the land
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