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  1. Thanky you very much for the few genuine, HUMAN responses i recieved!!! I won't comment on a lot of those replies, because there's a big difference between voicing an opinion, and being absolutely harsh, rude, condescenging and uneccessarily attacking someone... I love that so many comments have left me feeling like I'M the one on trial here, when the only thing i am guilty of is clicking a link I thought came from a friend. No, i guess on the whole it's much easier to savage the victim of an unjustified illegal attack, than to work together and play nice. Look, i can't claim to know why the hacker changed my password back or what they did while they had access to the account! I don't know the individuals motivations but suspect they figured the account would be closed out due to their spamming.
  2. Gee, thanks for all the help, support, advice and understanding. I truely appreciate the lack of nitpicking, snarky commentary, or general rudeness in response to my horrendous, nightmarish experience. Its nice to know one can go through hell and have such wonderful people at your side. On a more serious note, the original post was meant as a cautionary warning for those who might fall into the same trap i did. NOT a KICK ME WHILE I'M DOWN sign, so get WAY off your high horses...
  3. I have been immersing myself fully into all that second life has to offer, and was thouroughly enjoying myself, until an incident occured last week that has left much more than just a sour taste in my mouth... I was chatting in the presence of 3 trusted individuals, when a link to marketplace appeared onscreen with a message like "check this out." I assumed it came from one of my friends\family members, but after seeing a sexy bed position, knew that it did NOT come from one of them, as they certainly woudn't send such a thing to my 4 year old avie. I realized it had been a stranger, and only afterwards did someone mention, "Don't click that, it's a trap!" A minute later, i was suddenly kicked off my account. A few emails passed between my friend and i. She, being the original owner of my avie before passing it onto me, recieved an email from the attacker, who changed the password, spammed all my groups, drained my lindens, then changed my password back. I immediately alerted LL of the situation to protect myself and others. I found myself blamed for other people getting hit with the same spam, sent by my account during that time i was unable to access it, and kicked out of most of my groups. I changed the passwords to all my accounts, created special emails for them, and since lightning rarely strikes twice, tranfered my REAL trove of lindens to the recently attacked avie. Then, Linden decided to reset the password without emailing me, or by sending an email to a defunct adress and NOT the one I had set up. So now i am locked out of the avie TWO people had invested a fair bit of coin in, cannot access my money, am unjustly villified for someone elses actions, and am so thoroughly disgusted by the way the situation was handled both by the powers that be and by the general public. As someone who has been playing computer games before computers HAD hard drives, this is the kind of experience that makes one question playing games anymore. It's no fun being victimized, and much less when you're on the defensive for being a victim.
  4. I have read much about being a child on 2nd life, but nothing about how to create a child avatar. Supposedly there are locations that can transform you but I haven't found any such thing.... Any adresses\locations would be helpful. as would any other information\answers that could help me!!!!
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