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  1. Wow.. I didn't think that 7 days made it old news when one usually works 5 business days per week. But cool. I think it's important to support this CEO. He's only been in a month and look at the awesome things so far. Rod Humble was in it for himself. He had EA games, now the sims magically have a marketplace and were ripping off creators of SL, funny coinsidence also that the Sims now have shaders and rendering. He came in took what he needed, closed down educational sims, borked the marketplace, put ADVERTISMENTS ON THE DASHBOARD TO OTHER WORLDS and destroyed the TOS for creators. So how about a little patience for this CEO, before people jump on the "we haveb't seen you in a week omg, where are you" ban wagon...
  2. I'm wondering if you all are living in the dark... The new CEO Ebbe Altberg has been everywhere! He sat down with residence to discuss SL, he is speaking at a conference for educators and non-profits in SL next month with Philip Rosdale, and he's been giving interviews with SL bloggers all month.. uh HELLO, stay up on the times people, there's more to the communication world than twitter. Non profit and educator conference in April http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/03/ebbe-altberg-linden-lab-second-life-vwbpe.html#more Sl sit down meeting in world with residents of SL http://joyardley.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/chatting-with-ebbe-altberg-new-ceo-of-linden-lab/nts More talks with Bloggers interviewing Ebbe. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/02/ebbe-altberg-linden-lab-second-life-1.html
  3. We need a CEO that listens plain and simple. One that cares about the bread and butter of Linden Labs. Expansion in to their "Patterns" and "Dio" apps are fine IF they don't neglect the people that pay the bills, the residents of SL. A CEO that will hold town hall meetings, that will hear what we have to say and ACT on what he/she hears. Someone that actually is IN Second Life would be ideal. Someone like Jessica Lyons, would be excellent. Someone that would hear that tier is too high and that advertising SL on the radio, TV commercials and other avenues is needed to get new residents and someone that would get rid of the damn click ads on the side of the dashboard that advertise other competitive virtual worlds.!
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