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  1. Thanks everyone.

    I ended up checking out 7 Deadly Skins and found one that works really well with my mesh head, it looks great. And the old classic body skins do match the new applier skins so I got one of those too.  Slink feet, I already own so I upgraded them, picked up an omega applier for them too. (For some reason the Plastik appliers didn't work, neither on my slink feet nor on any of the mesh body demos I tried. They applied fine to the upper body and head but the lower body and feet just stayed grey. I dunno if they just disabled those parts because it was a demo, or if the appliers were just broken, but if it was on purpose, it's a dumb way to do a demo).

    Here's the result:


    I did try the Slink Physique demo too, but I think I will just get the hands and leave it at at that for now; I don't feel a need to go for a full mesh body yet. I think I'll wait and see what changes when Bakes on Mesh comes in.

    Did I mention how much I love this head? 

    Obligatory credits:

    • Head: Lightstar, Zach L$1000 (bento but doesn't animate, except for blinking)
    • Skin: 7Deadly Skins, Brent (Steam), with a random older one for the classic body, both together cost $1100
    • Hair: No Match, No Hint (group gift, L$50 to join the group)
    • Hoodie & Jeans: Hawker's House, I think these were an old group gift too but I've had it so long I don't even remember.
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  2. 5 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Omega is a generic applier system, not a brand of mesh head, whereas Catwa is a mesh head brand.  Most heads can use Omega appliers as long as you buy the applicable Omega Relay.

    Yes I know, the problem is there aren't many male skins out there with omega head appliers. Plenty for omega bodies but 95% of the head skins are catwa only.

  3. On 04/12/2016 at 11:02 PM, Zenrei said:

    Does anyone here in Second Life still uses the classic avatar even after 4 years or more?

    Up until today, yes.  

    Yesterday,  I decided I wanted a complete new look, and I couldn't find any decent system skins to work with it so today I bought a mesh head. Which has now caused its own problems because while I really like it, it's Omega not Catwa, so I still can't find a skin for it. But the default included skin is still better than any of the classic skins I could find.  Seems like the only classic ones left for men are poor quality or stolen.

    I did find a Catwa/Signature combination whilst trying demos that was perfect, but I can't justify spending L$10k (£30) on it. 

  4. Can anyone recommend me any good male skins that have options for both Omega heads AND Classic bodies? I'm looking for a pale skin with blond or light brown brows. Not goth/vampire-pale, just kind of English-pale.

    So far I have found two; Plastik and Lure, I'm looking to find out if these are my only available options or if there are any more I can try.  I love the Plastik one (Barrus) except it has NO FEET!! They are literally completely un-detailed, not even any toes. The Lure one is okay but I don't like the face as much. 

    Right now I am using the Lightstar mesh head (which I really like) with the included skin (which I don't).  I'm not looking to upgrade to a mesh body just yet, unless you can recommend one with Omega that is L$1500 or under.

  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

    Assuming you are 'sunbathing with girls' to show off a buff body, you aren't going to get a quality skin for that amount of money, let alone a shape,  Its going to look like a 20L skin and shape.

    You can make the shape yourself, but a quality skin will run several hundred dollars or more. 

    This skin and shape are former group gifts from Curves. Skin and shape (modifyable) L$10 on the MP.   There are four or five to choose from.   Doesn't look like a 20L skin and shape to me...  :matte-motes-smile:



    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/June-Curves-Gift-Men/4928744  (Listing says free in store but is no longer available there).

  6. I am theoretically interested in this though our online times don't mesh too well; I am in the UK but often busy in the evenings and weekends are usually better for me than weekdays. Online mainly at weekends up to about 1pm - my RL spouse doesn't like me wasting ALL night on the computer!. Same time on random weekdays once or twice a week depending on work. Occasionally later up to about 4pm.

    I'm a RL history buff and it seems to me that roleplay is where most of the historical content in SL can be found. Medieaval and pre-medieaval are my main areas of interest. But not Gor or anything sexual.

    I'm also a writer and have been writing fantasy and participating in written roleplay (outside of SL) for many years.

    I don't have a particular character in mind and I think I would want to develop that in conjunction with whatever setting I might get involved in.  My avatar is male, looks about mid-twenties, has a Middle Eastern/Indian appearance (though I'm open to change that if appropriate).

    IM me in-world if you're interested.


  7. Here's my result of 2 weeks, mainly picking up tips from the Fab Free blog and joining a few groups for the gifts.  The L$12 it cost me I earned by playing Linden Realms for half an hour.

    (seems I am too new to post a pic? Oh well, you'll have to go there to see it ==> http://imgur.com/dEtxVQC)

    Skin & Shape - Curves - L$10 - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/June-Curves-Gift-Men/4928744  (most recent group gift is free instore but I like this one better)

    Hair - EMO-tions - FREE - in-store group gift http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/126/151/22
    Eyes - eSSe - L$1 - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/eSSe-STORE-Beatrix-GIFT-Realistic-Mesh-Eyes/5625002

    Shirt & Tie - [coepio] -FREE - in-store group gift - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Mocha/110/77/24 comes in white & green with black & white ties. All are tintable.

    Jeans - Hawker's House - FREE - in-store group gift - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/225/164/21

    Shoes - MC Fashion - FREE - in-store group gift - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Besert/58/135/24

    Necklace - KB Dreams - L$1 - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Celtic-Necklace-Unisex-Box/4898596

    Lip piercings - [ni.ju] - FREE - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/niJu-Snake-Bites-Piercing/2670002

    Wrist cuffs - amorous - FREE - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/a-m-o-r-o-u-s-You-Free/2723290

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