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  1. According to sources I can pay for Linden Dollars with PayPal with USD from PayPal's balance. I have plenty of money in the balance and my PayPal is verified but I don't get the option to pay with the balance when I try to buy Linden Dollars. It keeps asking me to link a credit card when I select the option to pay with PayPal. I do not have a credit card and wish to use my PayPal's balance. So where do I go to get the option to use money from my PayPal balance? EDIT: To answer everyone's questions. Yes, my PayPal is verified by having been linked through a RL bank account. My verified status can be seen here. https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=justfrog720%40aol%2ecom I am capable of making instant payments when I buy things using my PayPal's balance. However, as it stands I do not get the option to pay with the balance because the only options that come up when selecting payment options is credit cards or having to have a credit card linked to my PayPal. I do not have a credit card so that is not an option for me as a payment option. Also, originally I used to be able to pay for Linden Dollars using the debit card issued by PayPal (note: The money the debit card uses comes from the PayPal balance and can make instant payments). But I can no longer use this as it declines my order despite the fact I have plenty of money on PayPal.
  2. My paypal debit card I had been using for over a year on here now recently expired and when I went to add the new one in after clearing the payment method for the old one I keep getting failure errors. Are the cards no longer accepted?
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