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  1. Arm up, defend yourself or hire a guard. I doubt you get much help from anyone else. Go to a club or heavily congregated area, errand shots are a lot more risky without killing innocent people. Organized gangsters however, don't care for innocent people so sometimes taking a bullet and I mean an in world bullet. Dying in a fake environment does nothing. Not caring is the key to this. Someone threatened me I'd tell them to hurry, and I'll meet them half way, I am bored... as I sit here with a mini gun and a box of frag grenades smoking a big cuban and drinking a beer... let's party
  2. @Tex - LOL - I am not greedy tho, greed is when you won't pay $5 (Sweet deal) for a cab to get your pregnant wife to a hospital. Yes some people will do that. Teaching that greed is right is wrong. I am greedy in a sense that I enjoy creating things and selling them for profit and always want to sell more but won't trample over 12 newborn infants, nor sellout my beliefs to save or make a buck. That said, doubt I'll spend a lot of effort and money in this game. Not worth it. I'll go play Entropia, at least they realize it's a game but it's the same thing as Second Life? lol
  3. Then I would like you to explain to me YOUR perspective because I don't see it.... I respect people until I am dis-respected then it's only fair for me defend myself, I didn't pick on anyone's views here. Just beause I'm the new guy doesn't mean I will let anyone pick on me, especially when I am asking for help for be steered in the right direction. Where I come from, THE WEB WAR GAMES I PLAY we call this, ready for this? THREAD-JACKING!!! In war games, this is punished this via all on assault on the offender.. but I am peaceful in this game unless I go to a war zone or pushed beyond rea
  4. I know, I know nothing yet compared to the long timers hehe, eager beaver here! I've been a lot of places, some places I can't even go because I'm not old enough and many places are too slow for me to stick around. I don't mind the lag in clubs when it's a straight line to it like Ambrosia Club; love that place, DJ is awesome I don't expect anything, really, I just do what I love doing, playing a game!
  5. Thanks! Prob best advice I got today! That said, now I got a good idea on how to make a thread, that's how I learn, little tidbits of info like that are golden.
  6. Yeah, Yikes!!! Where was the warning label on that one LOL It's like republicans trying to explain to democrats why personal gun ownership is good and the like, a democrat trying to tell a republican to hand over their guns... at least that is a fun and hilarious debate! The debate if this is a game or not is absurd to me. It's childish, leftwing mentality. Throw away logic. PS: I never take anything seriously unless it's my business, my buddies or my family, I consider all as one, I'm actually finding this all quite comical, I never knew there was people who took games as real life.
  7. Thumbs up Thanks for not lynching my play style lol I know I have much ot learn, won't be easy, Paris wasn't built in one day... but it was built nonetheless
  8. Then stop marketing it as a game!!! Seriously, I was looking for a good, peaceful, MMO game on Google and saw an ad for second life and off I went. So, talk to your LL department then, don't be mad at the way I play, jst enjoy it!! To me IT IS A GAME!!! It looks like a game, controls are all the same as all the other 100's of PC games I own, I can buy in it like every online browser/console/client/steam/gog game I play but here I can make money, which is also advertised!! You know... Who am I to fuel this economy? Geez iCade, should I just take my money elsewhere? Maybe away from yo
  9. If you say that, you do not know me The most critical time when you start a game is at the beginning; screw this up it's all over and might as well restart. I might be bitting more than I can chew, wouldn't be the first time but nothing has ever stopped me either. Miss out in the beginning, you're stuck catching up the rest of the game. I know there's a steep hill to climb so if I get ahead of myself now, I'll be ahead of the game when the time comes. I have a gift when it comes to video games. You are underestimating me... I don't blame you, lots of fake-ass people in MMO's and I p
  10. Hey, thanks Yeah, I get it, I'm pushing my luck, who am I, right? However, I never amounted to anything by not putting myself out there and sayin: hey, I have a project, let's do this, what will it take? To me it's starting a new business and are super excited, the first steps of a business are always the most exciting! I am doing what I didn't do when I first started in business, what I didn't know and eventually, someone will work with me, everyone likes money, right? I'm not really scared to spend. I could get an island now but I want to take a month to learn the basics, hence why
  11. Instead of making 3 posts... Wow, hey... thanks for the feedback everyone, really appreciate it =D Well, a club yes but only in technical terms, it will be similar to a club but entirely unique to this game... but it's not a club, let's call it a congregation where people do some "work", like a day job but high risk factored in. There will be a club but very small will have a cover charge, more like a high-class bar than an actual club; and this is going to be but a small part of all the fun. It's hard for me to say more without giving away the whole idea, then I really shoot myself in
  12. Hello, I'm new in SL, about 4 days now. I'm having a lot of fun already just dancing around in clubs, exploring the world and such. Everything is all so new to me so figure, might as well get acquainted with some people who are regulars! I'm an oddball I guess, very nomadic, I don't like being tied down to one place, hence why I live single IRL, I keep my freedom. I came here to make money, it's my ultimate goal to be THE top Linden Dollar earner in the game. I know I got a big hill to climb but nothing scared me, no mountain to tall, no ocean too deep. Want to make some money with me?
  13. If you want to meet people, do the same as in RL, strike a conversation or such. If you are a conservative person IRL then it won't be as easy as some others would think and I find some people in this thread un-sensitive towards a person who has a hard time fitting in, not everyone has that touch to approach others or have a naturally magnetic personallity and I'm sure it took a lot of courage for Nikki to come forward; choice of words weren't the best tho. If you are picky about who you hang out with then you can't expect to have a big circle of friends. I sent you a friend request -Mio
  14. Like every other game that I play, including the game of life... DOMINATE OR DIE!! Been a war gamer for 25+ years and professionally online for 7. I gave y'all a 10+ years headstart... I love a challenge, now, watch how fast I catch up No two persons will have the same answer in this thread, everyone plays for a different purpose... some play without ANY purpose at all and pretty much any reason is valid, even the trouble makers; they make the game a bit more interesting and challenging. Keyword: Game - To entertain, give a challenge and bring people together. The ultimate goal is a
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