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  1. it's ok i'm not thinking about being hired anymore, as for my avatar...well from where would i get the money for better clothes lol, and anyway in the 1st photo, this shirt is my own design just cause i don't find a lot of Metal Shirts in the price range i want yeah you are right i shouldn't get myself sunken inside a virtual world, and saying that my avi is a virgin, well i just meant that sexual activity is not what made me access to adult destinations thanks a lot Tamara, and it's ok i know i'm too young i just said that i'm not a kid, and also said that i'm not trying to be an adult it's
  2. i knew that this is what's gonna be said to me, but Tari was so sharp saying that i lied about my age that's it though i mentioned that i didn't, also i didn't get any ims, yup nobody wants a "kid", i'm already disappointed so i don't care, i'm enjoying second life much that's it, and i think it's my own decision to work or just keep going with avis here and there and role playing, and i'm just saying the times i'm available on second life at, thanks a lot
  3. Well, your way was too Sharp for me, but thanks, just believe me i didn't lie about my age i'm telling you what happened why would i lie? i would simply say it, also if i lied about my age i would've lied to people who i gave applications to, thanks anyway.
  4. Hello Everybody :) i'm Merna, 16 years old from Cairo Egypt, i've been in Second Life for about 2 years (Rezz Date 15th of April 2012) i filled a lot of Applications to get hired but i keep getting the same reply: sorry i can't hire you because you must be +18, they either underestimate my way of thinking because of the age of my body or it's just a job on an adult sim (just night clubs, i didn't apply for a strip dancer or something lol), so guys i'm really disappointed that i can't get a job. ok i know what you're thinking of now: "a 16 years old? and she can go on moderate and adult si
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