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  1. 'm having trouble with receiving purchased items... also the received items folder disappeared entirely in recent items.. i had to exit and reload firestorm and while the received item did appear the purchased item wasn't there... when i tried to file a support ticket it didn't take my password... even though i was logged it to firestorm and marketplace... and i never received the email to change the password so after 3 attempts at that i hope you can help me
  2. i have a premium account and want to create an alternative avatar cat as a pet... how do i do that
  3. somehow or other i managed to turn on display of property lines... can't remember how or where... how do i turn them back off thanks
  4. while you stated that i couldn't have found an ad on sl and i disagree... why am i still getting 3rd party ads with my premium account
  5. i don't know how i could have run into them online... i have never googled a sims game... a friend suggest sl to me and that is the only rl/ sims gaming site i ever visited... but you are right it is not sl's fault.. i've already requested my money back from imvu and i will see what happens there... and will post warning on web in re: web... is it allowed to make a flyer warning that imvu creds don't transfer or can be used in sl and post it on community bulletin boards
  6. and what is imvu and how did i wind up there... if this is what happens with your third party ads... that look like it is something from sl... guess i really do have to put up a warning page on my real world domain... i am 67 living off of 679 after i pay the state of montana 120 a month for my medicaid to go with my disability.. what's left of it... and with cancer, cad and other physical challenges i can't afford to be wasting money
  7. so how did i wind up from sl to imvu... is that another of the third party tricks
  8. i've only stumbled onto a page that showed it... but have never found it inworld see top of inserted screen grab. see top left... it has never shown up in my account, status or anything else inworld
  9. i want to try a new linden home but the about land window won't let me select the abandon land button
  10. i i add a fireplace or stove or toliet to my linden house
  11. how do i register a vip account
  12. just signed up & paid & created 3-month vip account 1) the $5000 credits & prev L$ balance showed 2)when i went in-world on sl the 5000 L$ did not show 3)i was not given choice of houses 4)couldn't set up my badge .. even tho i am on disability and very limited income i thought i'd give this a try as there is a lot i can't do out here in the real world.... i hope i won't regret it follow up day two i managed to find instructional videos for my advatar and other things but not for why my vip membership or payment is not showing up... also non of the perks for the vip membership.... the 25.00 payment has showed in my account and except for the the time when i purchased no recognition (especially in my l$'s).. no expedited support ... no house... no land unable to create badge.. etc... y'all are real quick with taking our money but not so quick with delivering what it is for... also never did get a screen to register my account after payment cleared
  13. i was taking a snapshop and something gliched and everything turned to black and white inworld.... so i closed out sl and computer and rebooted... this time there was a debug button which i clicked and then my avatar turned into a glowing blob in a whole other location
  14. when i work on my avatar's appearance... after first change the avatar sinks below ground lev el... how do i fix or stop this
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