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  1. The colour of the Mama Allpa HUD changes at the end of your cycle if you become pregnant, and a pregnancy symbol appears in the hud. Lindal who replied above perhaps does not know Mama Allpa and confuses it with a pregnancy tummy talker. The Mama Allpa HUD is "silent" and simply gives you a visual indication of your status (including pregnancy) throughout your menstrual cycle.
  2. That's a useful summary - thanks. A couple of follow up questions: 1. Any indication yet on what the scripting language will be - or which language one should have experience in to fast-track familiarity with the new "LSL"? 2. Any idea when, where and how people will be able to subscribe for alpha and beta testing? Thanks!
  3. The BLimP Location The BLimP is a new music/dance club in the form of a vast airship hovering above the popular Mama Allpa sim. It is accessible directly or via TP from the Mama Allpa main store, the Breeding Grounds hang out area, the Amazon River jungle and the Celestial Gardens realm. Recruiting The BLimP is currently recruiting DJs and podium dancers/greeters. While we establish the club there will be no fee but you get to keep 100% of tips. Once the club is established payment rates will be negotiable. Performers will be asked to undergo a brief audition process. Preference is given t
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