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  1. Teleport - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/164/232/2025 December 29th - OPEN ACCESS - No group required - 18+ It's that time again... we've survived most of the holidays and gearing up for a new year so let's celebrate Monarchy style... raunchy.We've got a line up of sexually charged events to, how do you say.... take a load off.4pm SLT - pre-game: $2,000L to the best in formal wear. Walk our red carpet, snap photos, have as much fun with our girls as you can possibly imagine!6pm SLT - DJ Mista Nasty & The Monarchy Girls present BORDELLO - a lingerie party where things are bound to get more than a little nasty.8pm SLT - DJ Lala & The Monarchy Girls present AFTERHOURS. - we invite you to get naughty with us. Clothing optional and we cam guarantee we're ending the night with a bang. RSVP on Facebook Check out our girls
  2. The Vanderbuilt is home to Faith & Flower Restaurant and Bar, Perch Restaurant, and #LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge. We're looking for a staff manager to join our team who will be responsible for interviewing and hiring wait staff, training and any staff related inquiries. Training will be provided. Compensation will be paid weekly. Requirements Basic understanding of role play Consistent availability in world Ability to work independently Management experience in Second Life Preferred Role Play experience Restaurant or hospitality experience in Second Life If interested, please send a notecard to Meela Vanderbuilt (LanaReynolds Resident) detailing: Any relevant experience Your time zone General availability VISIT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/195/48/22 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVanderbuiltSL
  3. You don't want to miss it! View the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe5tw1WmFMU&t=64s
  4. Join us at Faith & Flower for a fun mixer with plenty of games and drinks. Whether you are looking for new friends or someone special, be sure to join us! Sunday, March 3rd 2pm SLT TELEPORT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/193/39/22
  5. Join the girls of The Monarchy and special guest DJ Mista Nasty for a pool side reggaeton party this afternoon! TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/172/219/2015 More info & check out our girls: http://TheMonarchySL.com
  6. 20 Nights of HORROR Ready to get in the Halloween mood? So are we! If you're a fan of scary movies and sexy play things to cuddle with around the campfire then you'll definitely want to join us! Every night from October 11th - October 31st we'll be showing one of our favorite horror movies (plus one ghostly comedic break). The film screenings will take place on The Monarchy's beach, up the hill at our very own camp site! So really get in the horror mood as we get cozy around a campfire with the unknown lurking in the woods around us!! Of course, your sexy Monarchy girls will be here to cuddle with, strip down or get frisky in the tents (...or in front of everyone, whatever floats your boat) while the movie plays. The full event line up - http://themonarchysl.com/20-nights-of-horror/ Click here to TP - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/164/35/39 If you're not a member of The Monarchy, we'll have open access screenings on Sundays! *ps - while you're there, totally snap some candid shots with any of the girls for our $20k Candid Photo contest, more info on the site or at the club.
  7. The Monarchy's Candid Photo Contest Ready for a chance to win $20,000L sponsored by The Monarchy? Of course you are. Running October 9th - November 10th you can enter for a chance to win, simply by taking a photo with a Monarchy girl! We're not looking for anything super fancy, this is our candid photo contests so shots just need to be candid. Your outfit, pose, etc totally up to you. You're welcomed to visit The Monarchy for photo ops. If you're not a member you can join us on Sundays for open access or during a few of our open access events coming up. We'll also be sharing photo op times on our Facebook page, along with chances to win more votes. So be sure to check us out on Facebook.com/TheMonarchySL. Voting will open November 11th and go through November 18th. Full contest rules and entry - http://themonarchysl.com/photo-contest-candid-shot-w-a-monarchy-girl/
  8. Happy Rez Day Alysee!! Join the deviously sexy girls of The Monarchy as we celebrate the sweet and sexy Alysee's rez day! There will be lots of raunch, nudity, spoiling and SEXXX. So join us for the party. Tune by Meela Vanderbuilt. See you there. 4pm SLT @ The Monarchy Click here to teleport Find us on Facebook | Flickr | TheMonarchySL.com
  9. Happy Sunday! It's open access day at The Monarchy tonight. We invite everyone 18+ to stop by for a visit, meet the girls, have a drink, dive into your fantasies, or kick back and chat with some gorgeous, intelligent and engaging women. Open access to all, no group necessary. Stop by to meet the girls. We're open all day but check out our highlight events below. Highlight Events Happy Hour - 2-4 pm - half off stripping rates Red Carpet Night - 6pm - Formal wear Masquerade Madness - Masks encouraged. Masks available if you need one. XX, The Monarchy ❤ Sheer elegance in the streets, deviants between the sheets ❤ TELEPORT - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/233/167/4003 TheMonarchySL.com | Find us on Facebook
  10. New video featuring The Monarchy's Meela Vanderbuilt Check it out on Youtube Find us in world @ The Monarchy Visit - http://TheMonarchySL.com
  11. The Monarchy Presents The first game of our Summer Olympics! STRIP TENNIS TOURNAMENT Are you a lover of tennis or nudity or just an awesome competition? Well, we have a fun afternoon planned for you. The Monarchy is hosting its very first strip tennis tournament on Tuesday July 18th from 12-4pm. The event will be on our private Elite beach, open access for everyone during the tournament. You can come and watch the festivities or give it a go and enter in the game yourself or with a teammate. We recommend joining, don’t miss all the fun. Be forewarned, you could very well end up naked unless you’re insanely confident in your tennis skills. Free to watch $500L to enter the tournament Open Practice 10am - 12pm SLT Tournament 12pm - 4pm SLT Your shuttle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/209/148/35 More details http://themonarchysl.com/the-monarchys-first-strip-tennis-tournament/ Video: After Dark Practice -
  12. The Girls of The Monarchy had a little hump day fun with a new video. Check out "Pop That *****" Featuring Meela Vanderbuilt Alysee Rose, Akira Fox, Blaise Glendevon, Blair Astoria, Nelly Glitter & Raven Raines Click to watch And don't forget to visit us in world - click to TP
  13. Foxy's Pub is a new stand alone in character-only role play bar for those of us who like to get away, have some cool RP, develop stories in a bar setting, or just need a drink ever so often. We're looking for regular role players and bartenders to get things started. If you love RP and would enjoy being charismatic, sex, *****, whatever bartender then stop by and join us! Click here to teleport. Contact Akirafox1 Resident with questions.
  14. Join us again! Open access day begins at 8am SLT and join the official Sunday party at 6pm. Click here to teleport!
  15. Join the girls of The Monarchy for a steamy night of self play. Whether you like to watch, join, or get us off, there will be plenty to rest your eyes and hands on. So join us for a night of exhibition and voyeurism that you will not forget. Tonight Friday 19 May 4pm-6pm SLT Click here to teleport Visit the new TheMonarchySL.com
  16. TONIGHT!! Harajuku Night returns! Every Tuesday at 6pm SLT $1,000 to the best in Harajuku
  17. Introducing The return of HARAJUKU NIGHT A Night of Playful RAUNCHY behavior FT. DJ DIRTY RED & YOUR MONARCHY GIRLS 9TH MAY 2017 @ 6PM SLT $1,000L to the BEST IN HARAJUKU Your Limo awaits - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/234/179/4008
  18. Missed the peep show? A couple of photos of the girls in action up now on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/groups/themonarchy/pool/
  19. Hiring Dancers & Escorts @ The Monarchy! Have you ever wanted to work in an exclusive club where sexiness, perfection and classy persist? The Monarchy is hiring dancers who are the image of perfection. sensual, along with an energetic personality. 1. Stop by The Monarchy - 2. Visit our hiring loft.3. Join the hiring group and submit your application4. Make sure you meet the requirements and have filled the application completely!5. Drop your app in the pink mail box and await a quick response! High quality avatars required - Mesh head, Mesh body, detailed skin. Curvy, exotic, bombshell looks preferred. If you have any questions, please send a notecard to our Hiring Manager amyalka.
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