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  1. Since at least 6/14/2018 - "Crystal Collector: I'm sorry but an error occurred." malfunction has been tossed out so until that gets resolved no more L$ from Realms. I'm hoping this is temporary as I used to use LR for a little extra spending cash too.
  2. Well, thats why I left the sim links visible in the video so he could test/compare it as he stated all sims hes getting less. Never said I was on the same sim as him so not sure why you even wanted to mention that as it seemed obvious that yes different areas will yield different result but from what hes said pretty much across the board busy sims/empty sims etc seemed to have issues in what he was describing. Maybe it was the drivers I dont know, again he can check and compare if he wants as can anyone else.
  3. Hello Reinard - i've ran some video tests myself here showing GPU usage and settings. I find what you're reporting (20fps) a bit strange using an Nvidia 1080 GPU / i5 CPU combo because like yourself i'd expect it to bull-doze through even the un-optimized creations of SL excuses that most people tout. What you'll notice is strange in the video link below however is despite my system being much less powerful than yours and older im getting similar performance if not better. I've replied because like yourself I was saving up for a 1080Ti to replace my current for the dream of running SL smoothly but now im having second thoughts. To me, I think second life and/or the viewer creators just need to update their code to utilize new hard-ware better that seems more the issue than poorly built creations but im no expert. Below is the link and specs: CPU: Intel i3-3240 / GPU: R9-270 / RAM: 16GB DDR / - (Again far less powerful than the system you're using. Note recording knocks about 20fps off. If not recording i'd be sitting at around 40fps to 60fps under those conditions - Again this is for comparison purposes as I have no real solution to the issue but yeah, the 1080 is a beast and I was thinking of getting one myself for the same reasons) . Youtube: "ASUS AMD R9-270 Direct CU II (2GB) - Overclock Testing - (Second Life)" @0.50 to see settings
  4. Baloo Uriza Wrote: "I'm not sure you know what hipster means, since the word definitely doesn't work in the context you're using it. You have, however, rejected the explaination because you didn't understand it." Suuuurrreee, neither of us understand what we're talking about, continue talking down to us condescendingly as the OP probably has more schooling and real-world experience than yourself Baloo; it also highlights and enforces the point I was making about the SL community in general when it comes to topics like this. Anyhoo, the excuse of poor optimization only goes so far when the guys clearly got enough real world experience and hard-ware to bull-doze through it. So again the hippy rhetoric of 'blah blah user built' is rather bogus by this point because guess what, his Nvidia Titian and Intel i7 isn't user built. They're professional built and frankly if said hard-ware was being 100% utilized vs 12% they'd be able to bull-doze through it. ..... Bottom line, it doesn't matter how poorly someone designs a 3D model .... Hes got more than enough power to handle it..... even at 12% hes reported getting fair frame rates..... so all that 'user built environment' red herring (and yes I use red herring in the correct context here also!) is out the window because even with a poorly designed user built environment hes got more than enough hard-ware to handle it. He flat out asked and wants to know why his GPU is only being utilized by 12% vs 100% ..... -____- Also the context of me using 'hipsters' of someone being smug and talking out their ass works perfectly in the way i'm using it. Like in this clip from SouthPark: ^ Thats the real issue when trying to discuss technical stuff to people on SL.. most just have this weird smug mindset and it makes such technical discussions impossible.... its frustrating but that's how it is. Anyway, my guess OP is the developers simply haven't (or cant because its so old) updated SL to utilize modern hard-ware to full potential. All the hooplah people will tell you about user built environments and SL not being a game etc are a half-truth and only go so far.... Even if its not a game its a 3D environment and everything you said is still relevant... despite people screaming "its not a game REEEEEEE" such comments only distract from the question and serve no real purpose except...to be smug.. Anyway, with your experience im sure you're already aware the hard-ware you're using would probably render everything fine in another environment. . Im guessing Its similar to the netcode caps/limits in early access games (oh sorry, I mean 3D virtual worlds!) like StarCitizen and Space Engineers. StarCitizen for example was capped purposefully at 30FPS due to stability issues... RSI has updated their code and you can get over 30fps now but for the longest time it was capped... probably same deal with SL... either due to simply not being able to update to utilize modern hard-ware or for other reasons like stability... its clearly in their core-code. Again, with your background and experience i'm sure you've came to the same conclusions and that most of the people here running you around in circles are just smelling their own farts. Simply put, it seems SL doesn't take full advantage of modern hard-ware for whatever reasons. .... Who knows, maybe one-day they'll fix and address these issues .... as you said, VR in SL would be cool and you will need higher frames for that simply from a technical standpoint.. luckily despite its age SL and the Devs seem to still be active and working on things... be it slowly.. so maybe one day... SL has improved and changed a great deal over the years..
  5. M0rdresh, i've noticed the same issue but I have no real souliton as to whats going on because like yourself when you ask a question like this people get up and arms and beat around the bush with hipster talk with stuff like "rah, rah, rah, its not a game~!" rhertoric. Which has nothing to do with the real technical question. Game or not its a 3D enviroment ran on hardware... and its laggy often when it shouldn't be... With that said I found this fourm after upgrading to a modern GPU and checking the numbers. When I upgrade something I like to test it out and run it through all its paces and I noticed the same issue you've mentioned both on my old and new GPU neither were being utilized fully the way they should. With that said i've been an alpha/beta tester and moder for a very long time and have visited various Gam.....umm... "3D enviroments" and to me it feels like a lack of optimization and coding of the 3D engine itself. Than you've got the user created stuff that may or may not be good which doesnt help either... but yea... the "user created" content argument doesn't float with me.. Like you mentioned, if you've got a powerful enough system you can bull-dog through stuff... and thats the point.... for some reason the underlying code of SL isn't allowing you to bulldog through it... Capped at around 12% utilization....
  6. I am the owner of the land and groups but I maintain two groups and accidently deeded to the wrong one. How do I reset or change it to the correct group? The "set group" button for the land appears to be phased out now. Or will I have to re-invite and reset everyone two the 2ndary group? (if this is the only option can group names be changed?) Sorry for all the silly questions but im rather new to all this and figured it would be best to ask before I goof anything else up. I can't find any info on the subject although im still searching. Is this possible or will I have to re-invite and readjust the 2ndary group? I can delete the 2ndary group (it was just a mantiance group for when the land was divided and not an issue) if this will fix but im a little afraid to do this since the land is now deeded to it. Thanks for any assistance!
  7. I've been spamed some to join bloodlines and its got me to thinking about going Van Helsing but looking around I haven't really seen this option... At least nothing official... I have a /hug that gives a stake through the heart animation when they offer a bite... Makes me wonder if some builder out there could do some looking into this and capitalize on the lack of vampire hunters. Im sure it would be fairly popular.
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