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  1. #SecondLifeChallenge #HaveYouEverChallenge #AyudaVirtual
  2. #SecondLifeChallenge #HaveYouEverChallenge #AyudaVirtual
  3. Thanks you very much. I just have joined a Bloodlines Vampire Family. I am glad and It is amazing. New Master and new blood brothers. See you soon MY VAMPIRE FAMILY
  4. Thanks you for your add. Yeah! It is a good Idea. I could go to Bloodlines Regions... But I want a Real Bloodlines Family with active players. Please Lieges contact me! In game! Better... See ya.
  5. HELLO! MY NAME IS .... LLUIZ OH Hello Everyones. I am DarkOh a Vampire in Second Life. But I am alone now because My Vampire Family is outside. I want to join in a Bloodlines Vampire Family or group. I am veteran player, you can found my Bloodlines Profile HERE. I am not very avanced I suposse. Please I like make Fantasy Roleplay and I love Gothic Places. I want to play Roleplay or combat system like CCS or DCS. Please is you are interested in recruit one active member. CONTACT ME. See you soon when Moon appears. ========================================
  6. Thanks you Kokomo Falls Beach Club I have Joined in Club Staff It is cool See you soon Mixing.
  7. just application has made. I am waiting for response. Thanks u for opportunity. see ya soon.
  8. I have made the application. I am interested in disco DJ vacancy and I am looking for Job. I wait for an answer. Thanks u.
  9. Done! Today at 14h to 16h SLT I will mixxx Techno sesion in Disco. thanks you very much.
  10. Hello Gothmiss I am interested in job. I am a good DJ. I will contact you in game via IM. Please add me! thanks.
  11. I am looking for DJ or Host job. Please contact me! I am good worker and veteran player with modern avatar. Thanks.
  12. Okey thanks you very much that not important yet. I lost a expensive item I was looking for but I think it is removed from trash Damn see ya
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