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  1. https://i.gyazo.com/f85fd05c276998ce0b2cab8e087da469.mp4
  2. good afternoon, it's an opengl error take a look at the prints, my card is up to date, last update was on 18/01/2021, I formatted my computer yesterday I redid the entire procedure for installing driver and viewer and I was unable to solve this problem ... PLACA1 - Copia.png (342×231) PLACA2 - Copia.png (604×89)
  3. I'm downloading and I'm going to test, well I tested it worked perfectly without crashing, but I think it may be the second life game, because it doesn't make much sense, I play other more complex games and it never gave a problem, call of duty, fortnite, gta
  4. on December 31st I was playing on the firertorm and out of nowhere the OPENGL problems started my configuration and that I can only log in by the singularity I have tried everything to install the abandonalars driver drivers I have formatted my computer 2 times and the problem persists does anyone have a solution for problem, from already thank you..my configuration of my pc and this that is below Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.9 (8338) Apr 4 2020 08:14:30 (Singularity Release) Notas de Distribuição Grid: Second Life Built with MSVC version 1925 You are at 193762.5, 295
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