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  1. Hello all I am looking for a sim with entrance to a theatre or similar with the paparazzi in attendance. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated thanks
  2. thanks to everyone for there contributions
  3. No i havent been using any name but xxvillainxx Why that should give anyone licence to say that crap i fail to see
  4. They are calling me a paedophile saying that i mess with kiddies which i hasten to add is total lies That they hope i die a slow painful death and other crap The truth is i dont know this person.
  5. Ok so how does a person manage to trespass on my rented land even though i have blacklisted said person?For some reason they think its acceptable to bump me around my rented land and home. I messaged the management company with a snap of the person but nothing seems to have changed.Is there any possible way i can stop this person from trespassing on my land and abusing me with words and bumping me around ?
  6. try Bad$zz or Tellaq both have good skins shapes etc
  7. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Shopping-in-the-Second-Life-Marketplace/ta-p/700189#Why_can.27t_I_access_mature_or_adult_content_on_the_Marketplace.3F Go there ittells you how. I hope it helps
  8. maybe this will help you torbai http://amiefashion.blogspot.com.br/2014/09/mom-space-suit-secret-store-retro-space.html
  9. As Syo Emerald said be very careful you dont click any links in peoples profiles or group chats. I clicked on a link in a group chat and it allowed the person responsible to use my lindens in the MarketPlace
  10. Having been a male stripper in my early days in SL using chairs you just need a sexy thong I used a interactive one which was a lot of fun heres the link to it from Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Male-Thong-Excitement/3485017
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockje/150/186/26 if you want to message me inworld i can send you other links to romantic places
  12. search marketplace for male child skin https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Willy-Nilly-Skin-Tan-Shade/4121925 that ones only 69 lindens try the demo first before you buy
  13. Hi all i am looking for a female friend that can teach me how to go boating on the open seas.It would be great if they had experience of all boating activities thanks. You can message me in life or here xxvillainxx
  14. xxvillainxx

    SL TV

    hello go to this link http://ninite.com/ and in the media section try downloading k-lite codecs hope it helps
  15. Ok so I buy a product and transfer it to my second life wife and it stops working after using just the one time.After numerous messages and notecards to merchant to which they have not answered,i check in marketplace and find said product as disappeared from the store.What redress can i get from this. This is a last resort, but if merchant wont answer my query what else can i do.
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