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  1. @Syo Emerald I switched to a few other skins (better and worse quality) and the eye lid was the same. I am also. It wearing any eye make up and my lashes are at 0 with no pas applies on. I am so befuddled!!! @angeoco I have tried to apply mesh lashes and they won’t apply.
  2. Whenever I blink, i see this blur of lashes and I cannot figure out whats going on. I am lost, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am wearing Catwa catya head and Insol skin
  3. Just sitting at home watching my puppers run amok
  4. I love to be photographed as well. Feel free to contac t me inworld if I can be of assistance.
  5. I will be adding you all this weekend, sorry my PC died and waiting for a new one! I look forward to making some new friends
  6. I will add you all this weekend! I look forward to meeting you and becoming friends
  7. I am seeking friends (or even family). I find myself spending a little too much time solo in SL and would love to have a friend to explore with. I am open to most activities and I love finding new places!! I enjoy music and dancing, being photographed (who doesnt?), shopping, beaches, amusement parks and zombie hunting. Feel free to add me (SL username areneemurray resident) and say hi
  8. Miami, FL here. Land of sun, beaches and hurricanes!!
  9. Feel free to add me also (areneemurray resident), I am always looking for new friends
  10. Was curious if you had a chance to do the photo and how it came out?
  11. its private. We are free to do as we wish with our lot, the landlord is very flexible.
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