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  1. Can someone explain how yachts work?   Sorry, I = noob.

    Let's say I saved up and bought a mega yacht, aka   https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Large-Luxury-Yacht-ES-Fortune-by-Titilayo-Yachts/425570?page=1

    How would I be able to use, or store/park, something like this?  

    Is there free ocean water where I coudl just rez and it keep it, or would I need to pay some kind of "docking fee" to a boat club somewhere? 

  2. Hello All,

    I'm rather new to SL, so please go easy on me.  :)

    My ultimate goal is get a house or home of some kind, but I don't way to have to pay montly fees.

    1)  My first question is, is there a way to buy land, or acquire land, that doesn't require montly "tier" payments, or rent payments?   I don't mind spending a lot of cash up front if I could just "buy" something outright, but I just do not l ike the idea of having to continue to make monthly payments.


    2)   If I cannot get land, is there any creative way to buy a home outright, where it doesn't require monthly payments?  For example, could I buy some type of large yacht, house-boat, RV, spaceship... etc.... where the vehicle contains a home inside?

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