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  1. There are places that hire noobs. There are also lots of places that don't require mesh; in fact I've never had an employer that I've worked for in SL (as a hostess, 4 yrs experience) ask me if I wear mesh. And... I've been to some active high-population clubs where the hostess and/or DJ wore system clothing. So, yea you might have to wait 30 days before you can get hired but your clothing, hair and makeup may not be an issue. Also... heads up: chances are you will not make enough Lindens in a job to support your SL shopping habit. Even at the bigger, more well known clubs hostesses don't
  2. Perhaps you didn't understand my response, which was very constructive. If you want a job in SL or in RL you must make the effort. Nobody will give you a handout. You just didn't get the answer you wanted from me, so you got miffed. Here's what I think you will find constructive: there are lots of jobs in SL. You can make an effort and learn how to texture full perm items. You can learn how scripts work and add them to full perm furniture you learned how to texture. You can work as waiter/waitress. You can host at clubs of all kinds. You can learn how to DJ for clubs of all kinds. Yo
  3. I'm not going to IM you as that takes work on my part, and you're looking for work on your part. Honestly, you're the one that wants a job so make an effort. Check out the classified in-world or look for job postings here. Then, apply. That's how you get a job in SL.
  4. This actually happened to me once on a Gacha sim (I'm a gacha addict). I had been renting at a relatively well-known gacha sim - I don't remember the name - and was happy with traffic. I even made a couple of signs in PSP for the owner. One day, I go to look at my store and see my rental box is gone. All rental boxes were gone. Confusion set in. There was a group IM advising store renters that there was no longer any rent, that donations could instead be made. I was concerned that, without a store rented, anyone could plunk down objects for sale in my spot. I decided to wait until the
  5. I'm in need of a radar HUD with features outside of the "Avi Avi entered/left" chat range that is basic to all radar HUDs: - different colors for avatar distance - avatar age - a check mark that can be placed next to an avatar name or a color changer of a listed name (for tracking purposes) - eject & freeze - both display name & user name listed - a subtle sound that plays when avatar comes within chat range (although chat in a bright color would be OK, too) What I'm really looking for is the built in radar feature found in the Singularity viewer, which is now outdated. Doe
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for a scripted ferry to travel on one sim from island to island. Would love it to be automated to travel on its own, but... a drivable version would be great, too. Don't need anything huge - just a small ferry to carry people - up to maybe 10 or 12. Doesn't have to be fancy, although true to what might be seen in RL would be cool. Mesh desired. Anyone know where I might find something like this? Kat Clifton
  7. I have a really nice one. It was made by ChaosRaine
  8. I took the survey. The questions were slanted towards SL not a MMORPG.
  9. I don't really see Second Life as a "game," but as a virtual community and society. I've found that for the most part, one gets out of it what they put into it.
  10. I make anywhere from 1k to 2k Lindens per week as a host in a mature rock club. It doesn't make me rich but it pays for a lot of my clothes, hair, shoes, makeup. You can make a lot of Linden in the game but that's at well established adult clubs. I choose not to go there.
  11. Never had a problem or issue in the 9 years i've been in-world.
  12. It's true... most jobs won't really support a full SL lifestyle, unless you're pretty frugal. I work in SL for pocket money - a few outfits a week. Also, a lot of places require residents are at least 30 days old. But I have fun working in the clubs. I get to meet a lot of new people and listen to good music (I'm a host). It's worth it.
  13. So I'm interested in knowing why people post they're looking for jobs. Why not just respond to a job posting? It drives me crazy, tbh.
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