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  1. Owynn

    Is this fraud?

    Thank you for this information. I was actually digging to find a definition of "Fraud" as defined by Linden Lab as opposed to how it is defined outside of Secondlife and I cannot find any place where LL describes what they mean by "Fraud" though it is mentioned in the terms of service. OUTSIDE of Sl, this could constitute fraud as I was promised something additional in order to keep me as a customer provided I gave a monetary payment. IE: Promising something specific in exchange for financial gain. I guess this is also complicated by LL defining Lindens as virtual tokens and NOT currency. Thank you for this food for thought, Lindal.
  2. Owynn

    Is this fraud?

    I'm actually really happy to hear that! I unfortunately live in a place where a lot of local businesses regularly break federal consumer laws thinking the State will protect them.
  3. Owynn

    Is this fraud?

    Also, depending on the level of cooperation or lack thereod and whether of not theybare registered as a business, taxes etc, a lot more than the value of the 1500L can be sued for in damages. I'm NOT a legal expert, but I have experience with similar cases. When someone makes financial decisions based on a promise which is expected to be delivered upon, anything financial decisions and purchases made around that promise may be attatched as further damages. This all of course varies on which laws apply which is can get funky with virtual products.
  4. Owynn

    Is this fraud?

    I already keep lawyers on retainer and I certainly advise those who can afford it do so too. Pre-paid legal services are great and provide some legal actions for free. I have a lot of options available to me for free in these kinds of matters and may have paperwork requesting contact information and letters sent onn my behalf for free. These things usually get a lot done without having to go to court and pay a bunch of legal fees. Just a bit of advice on that as it is nice to have when other companies outside of Sl try to bully you! Or even in Sl in this case.
  5. Okay. I promise not to extend a conversation on this one. PROMISE. Looking for an answer on TOS as it pertains to my situation with a rental and looking for advice on how to proceed. I've been renting from a place for a while or had been and one of the last times I paid my rental box for my skybox, the rental box took my rent for a payment of two weeks and then glitched and claimed my rent was past due and ejected me from the land group. I contacted the rental company through their support portal and they refunded my two weeks I paid and informed me that the rental unit was out of date and I should move to an updated one. There was no communication to me or their other rentals that some of their skyboxes they were still renting out may have these kinds of issues. I found that they did not have a rental unit available of the same size with the same prim allotment. However, I picked my things up and continued to stay in contact through IMs with tbe owner. After I had put in my initial support request, we had been communicating through IMs and offline IMs. The owner offered me free 30 days of rental time provided I kept my business with her company and paid 1500 L at a new rental to start the rent. She stated after I paid at a new unit, she would credit me a free 30 days worth of rental time. She also offered to set up a new similar rental just for me based on what I want. I communicated what I'd like to see and what I wanted in the way of a skybox, which would be whatever the updated version of what I had would be. I had also asked why they just couldn't put down a rental box in the skybox I already had. I never got a response. I IM'd her a few more times asking if I still lived here and again to ask if I could at least be reinvited to the group, and still got no response. I will also note that she was online at the time of my last IM to her asking if I could at least be reinvited to the group. The other day, I went and bought a new rental with the same company since I saw that they had an updated one like mine available. I paid the 1500L and then contacted them through their support portal to let them know that I rented a new box and would like to take them up on the offer of a free 30 days added to my rental. She contacted me today stating the offer had expired as I had not stayed in contact with them through their support portal. I was never told I had to respond to her IMs through the support portal after the initial support request had been placed and she claimed repeatedly that I ignored the offer and never reaponded and she had no logs of me reaponding because I did not use their support portal for every response. I told her that as I had not had any problems with them I had no reason to believe the offer for a free 30 days would not be honored and she did not stipulate a time frame or expiration date with that offer. She then said again I did not respond and the silence went on for too long. I had sent more than one message she never reaponded to, the last of which was sent while she was online. I then informed her that I made financial decisions based on her offer of free 30 days rental time provided I paid for one week of rent first and as I have written communication from her promising me the 30 days with no expiration or time limit, I did my part expecting her to do hers. I advised that that constitutes an agreement in writing and I would be happy to have my lawyers send her a letter explaining the law regarding written agreements. This is not a threat of legal action, just an offer to have my lawyers explain the situation. She then stayed that I have now threatened her and her family which is a breech of the rental agreement and ejected me from the land group. I asked if I may have time to pick up my things and she said no and ejected and banned me. I asked her if I may have the 1500L refunded and be on my way and she said no. I feel cheated. I paid that 1500L with the understanding I would be granted something in return for it. I made a financial decision based on that offer. I aslo bought over 37,000 lindens in new furniture and products, some of which may now be lost due to them being returned as opposed to being picked up by me as some were no copy. I can understand her being upset and asking me to leave and preventing me from renting there again. I do not see why I could not have been allowed to pick up my things as I was asking to do so and stating I would leave and she may ban me after. This could have been handled much better, perhaps even by me. All I asked was to be allowed to pick up my things and also to be granted a refund of the 1500L as I paid that to get something else I was promised that was not delivered. Is it fraud for her to do this? Should I subpoena LL for her contact information? Or can this be taken care of another way?
  6. Thank you for this. I was actually just doing as my lawyer suggested and contacting both Linden Labs and the current seller of this system. We will have to wait for the acquisition of their personal information in order to serve a simple, official cease and desist as my legal counsel are inn agreement there is not just evidence for current defamation but further defamation. I asked the owner of this system to settle this with me one on one and again they have refused. I requested proof that I used any such viewer and they declined to provide it and would not even name what viewer was detected or how or where it was detected at. With that said, Linden Labs has advised me now to: "Rest assured, however, you do have some recourse. Firstly, leaving a calm and thorough review of the security system in question on the Marketplace listing can alert potential buyers to potential downsides to the product. Should you choose to review the product, be certain to reasonably express the issue you are experiencing." I would like to ask, very humbly and if you would, Lindal, that you also post a review of the system's potential downsides as you see them and from YOUR point of view, not mine. Anyone else here is invited to do the same.
  7. That and most of this forum post was a mistake. Mostly while I adjust to entirely new situations and treatments by my doctor, but more than that because a lot of my posts were an attempt to clarify misunderstandings I saw in the responses to my post by others. I don't have bad social skills, I just should have been clearer in the OP. I also don't and never have liked the usual mentality of forum users and its why I try to stay away from forums whenever possible. Most people come in with a confirmation bias already established based on however they perceived your original post. That perception and bias are made further worse by the fact most people don't fully read something and skim. Confirmation bias is a natural psychological response to all social interactions and when coupled the cognitive dissonance many people haven't trained themselves to recognize and deal with, conversations had online spiral pretty quickly. Because of both of these natural processes in the mind many begin responding to posts like mine while applying their current emotional state and immediate perception of the situation eithout considering anything beyond what is in front of them, especially people who frequent forums or other online social media. The anonymity and disconnection from true interpersonal reaction only hinders gaining a true perception of the ones posting. This is what makes first impressions the MOST difficult thing to break from. For example, I see that I could have been much clearer in my OP and because I wasn't many perceived it as just another post angry about being banned from someone's land when in reality, the person who added me to the system doesn't even own any land in secondlife that I have ever been to or would care to visit. What I am disputing here is allowing someone to have the power to set an automatic ban from lands they have no real jurisdiction or association with that those who DO own the land have no control over EXCEPT to remove the system they have sunk a lot of time and money into which they won't because of a fallacy and natural human perception that systems like this one and many schemes out there thrive on called "The Sunk Cost Fallacy." Sunk cost fallacy is, as I said, a natural human perception that because a person has spent a lot of time, personal or financial investment in something, it's value is much greater and worth whatever trouble it may be causing and we perceive our decisions based on this perception to be rational when in truth it's another product of cognitive dissonance designed to protect personal identiy and view of the self and this trained thought process skews the ability to abandon something based on the amount time, emotion or money spent on it. So, as stated multiple times, I do not disagree with a land owners ability to ban someone from their land and I never will. I disagree with someone making that decision for them under false pretenses and LL allowing that person this level of control. If the system were truly unbiased and only banned people who have been detected using copybotting or other malicious programs to access secondlife, that would be great. However the current person in charge of the server the system runs off of can add anyone they like to the system and list them as having been caught with malicious software when in fact, they have not. This person is not currently banned from SL and neither is their system. I was not added to the list for griefing a sim or for breaking any rules. I was added to the list because I defended myself from a group publicly attacking me and griefing me. They felt justified because I am different from them and their friend, the current owner of the system, jumped into the fray and declared to everyone I was now banned from every sim employing his system because he could. I was harassed by their toxic, trolling group of furries in SL and other programs as they took their time finding other contact information about me, and I do not know how they got it. It took over a week for me to distance myself from them and their cyberbullying, yes by definition that is what it is both literally and legally. And I made my reports on each of them, but I guess my frustration is that even though I did everything I was supposed to, it still has not gone away. I have made attempts of civil contact with the owner requesting this be undone and let go of as a simple misunderstanding and let us all move on via email, appeal process on their website and even their provided telegram and I did this after waiting 6 months. The responses I got were essentially "lawl no" combined with the posturing and "you pissed off the wrong person, so lie in your grave" mentality a person with too much control over others has. This system, Gemini CDS, uses content a creator's fear of copyright infringement and loss of funds due to piracy and theft to give one person a ton of lindens and too much power to lash out at anyone they don't like. They've weaponized their system against me and others while those who pay for their system do not know that this is happening because they are just led to believe someone added to the global autoban are on it because they broke TOS and/or are a person who pirates the content of others. In several responses, some of yoi have compared this to banning cartels. There is a major difference here as the banning or land cartels KNOW that they are banding together against a person in banning them because a member of that cartel decided they should be banned for whatever reason. Here, the thought is that I shouldn't be allowed near their store because the system detected a blacklisted viewer or software on my avatar when the truth is a completely unrelated and personal disagreement led to my being harassed and to further my harassment or 'teach me a lesson' the creator added me manually and presented me as a copybotter to that list - which is actually , by legal definition, malicious defamation by libel as it is written defmatation published and presenting me as guilty of an action I never comitted by a person who KNOWS otherwise and knows that that accusation is false, butbabused their own system to carry out my sentence themselves. So why am I here? Honestly asking why this is okay, trying to get some awareness and discussion started so that MAYBE LL might see it is a bad idea to allow this to continue OR to maybe start a campaign that discourages store owners and other land owners from participating in this sham. If it were a truly unbiased system that only globally autobanned those actually guilty, I'd be all for it, but that is not the case. I hope this clears things up. I've spent this time upvoting responses that contain no negativity or hint of insult or irritation, even if they missed something I already answered and downvoting the inflammatory responses or negative responses that don't actuallybfurther the discussion. I see others have downvoted anybof my atyempts to defend myself or my points here so they can further present the image that I'm mad at everyone here, when I am not. I did not dispute anyone here banning me, merely the inflammatory or irrelevent responses given to me that have no logical intent behind them other than to upset or bother me, such as one person deciding only five posts in that they would publicly declare here that I was banned from their land. Doing this serves no productive contribution to the discussion, is entirely negative and designed only to make a personal shot at me. If you want to ban me from your land, do so. But don't rub it in my face where everyone can see it. Lindal, I do very VERY much appreciate you taking the time to investigate my claim further and seeing why I was upset. So many have reacted here without attempting to see what it was I was making points about and I truly do appreciate that very much. Any of you who actually took the time to read this? Thank you. I know it's a lot but the negative behavior here thus far, including giving laughing reactions at my post are really no better than the actions of CDS's creator and the harassment I have already faced with him and his buddies. To those of you who have acted this way, thanks for making this forum a pretty unwelcoming place. Those like Lindal and Rolig? Thank you for your efforts to do the opposite.
  8. like..honestly it's not that they disagree with me that has upset me.
  9. And that has kind of been the point i have been after all this time.
  10. That's not why I perceived attitude, dude. This is why I respond to the posts. I am NOT trying to be an ass, but yeah posts like this bait and are pretty insulting. Also against posting guidelines, which I am amazed a lot of these posts have not been removed as a lot of them aren't even on topic and are just shots at me I mean. Seriously. WHAT is wrong with me asking these questions and responding to the comments, ESPECIALLY when directed AT ME as if for a response.
  11. That's...not the issue or what I am arguing here, ma'am. I've NEVER disputed a land owner's right to ban someone.
  12. Well, it doesn't help when people take a major misunderstanding and make it worse with demeaning, insulting or just downright inflammatory responses like this. I'm pretty new to using these forums as I...well i never frequent them. At all. As Rolig pointed out this isn't really the place for open discussion apparently and had I known that I would've posted elsewhere to begin with. But then what is to be said for all the posts in response that started off negatively, etc? Something to consider before you judge someone you do not know.
  13. Well then I am clearly in the wrong forum and did not know that. Thank you, Rolig.
  14. Thank you. That is the kind of reply that I view as civil and, again, I wasn't here to flame or cause issue just... wanted an open discussion on something that /I/ see as wrong. Differing opinions as I said earlier are how we, as a species move head socially and developmentally, but it doesn't mean we have to be rude to each other.
  15. A blacklist that is used by others and misrepresents to them falsely that I used copybotting software and listing that as the reason IS defamation, dear.
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