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  1. I'm not going to lie. I have really and truly considered going that route and just making my own stuff, but honestly my experience with blender is VERY VERY limited, and in the end I would just be making sub-par versions of things I like but cant edit to fit my Avi right. Rigged Mesh items just completely go against the spirit of what makes second life great. people can Argue that Customization and creativity weren't ever in the original vision of second life, but then why is there originally so many different ways built within the game to build things and edit all the little bits and components of your avatar? Its so easy for a content creator to just shrug and go "You're F**ked". It doesn't matter to them. they sold you something and made their profit already. To them, even speaking to you after is more an act or charity or an attempt at getting a good reputation. There are so many things that are rigged that just don't need to be, but they are just for the sake of making you consider buying the Mesh Avi its designed to go with. Mesh Avatars are pretty to look at, but in the end they just paved the way for a corrupt business model, and ultimately did more harm than good to the bulk of the community that comes on here to play in game sims, RP a story, express their creativity, or just hang out with friends.
  2. At first I was reading everything you said thinking "Ok, this is helpful.", but then I got to paragraph 3 and seen your attack. I don't appreciate the way you took one line out of 13 paragraphs "I've been playing this game for 3 years now" ran with that and nothing but that to try to warp and twist everything else i said in a bad way. you self righteously made grossly inappropriate assumptions about me as a person and my personality lumping me into a group you called "Gamers" based entirely on nothing but 9 words out of the roughly 774 words that make up my Opening post. I would like to think that I'm maybe taking offense where there was none intended, but i suspect there was some malice intent there, and i cant help but want to question the truthfulness and validity of your first two paragraphs as you are the owner of the "Darkly Cute" store and have an obvious conflict of interest. These Permission locks and Fixing/Rigging of things that don't need to be restricted is the reason why so many players resort to using Copybot style viewers and Texture rippers. I personally don't steal things nore would i ever encourage anyone to steal, BUT when people are told "You cant use it that way." by the content creator after paying for an item, I can see why they would get fed-up and resort to such low methods.
  3. Ok, so this is probably my first time posting in these forums and I'm sure some unsavory person will make a comment like "That's your first post!?", but I felt like this was something that needed drug into the light and examined. Like many of the people here I LOVE expressing myself artistically. I love to be able to log into SL and just be myself. I love doing fun and interesting things with my Avatar, meeting new and interesting people, and seeing the cool ways they customized their avatars to express themselves. UNFORTUNATELY, That individuality that I hold so so dearly is threatened not just for me, but for everyone. I'm talking specifically about Rigged Mesh Avatars. Now before anyone gets defensive If you use a Mesh Avi that's fine. My problem isn't with the Mesh itself. I personally LOVE Mesh, but what I don't love is RIGGED Mesh. Now people(store owners) will tell you that they rig their Mesh in order to protect their product or maybe even go so far as to try blowing smoke of you backside about how "its rigged for customer convenience." Sadly, the truth is that its rigged because they want to corner the market, and here's how. If a content creator creates a full body mesh avatar, then they can start designing EXCLUSIVE clothing for that specific body. Now lets say you have a body you like already, but you've found a cool set of boots. Those boots are designed for the Le’douche full body mesh avatar, but you know they would like good on the avatar body you're already using. In a perfect world, you could purchase those boots and re-size(stretch) and/or move them around to fit the avatar body you're already using, BUT the Le’Douche content creator has made sure that you cant do that by rigging those boots so you're unable adjust them as you need to, and thus making it so that those boots will only work properly if you buy the full Le’Douche Mesh body that they were designed to fit. At first I seen it but didn't really care. I just wrote it off as crooked people with a crooked business model and continued with my lives(both first and second) as usual, but I've been playing this game now for 3 years(1111 days to be 100%) and It upsets me now to see so many Mesh avis are in the game and on the market. Again, Its not because I have anything against mesh or people that wear it, but because store owners being able to work this devious angel unchecked has come at the expense of creativity. Now Recently I'm just seeing the same avatar bases over and over again. I keep seeing my own Avatar several times a day with no actual differences between them and me other than a swapped color scheme with the same pattern, a different hair, and/or a different set of clothes. Its awful. Second Life use to be a place wherein MOST EVERYONE had their own unique look and style, but now everyone's starting to just look so generic because Greedy Mesh Vendors are sucking all life and creativity out of the community. Now I meet people and its just "Oh another one of those avatars”. I don't understand how RIGGING a mesh is in any way good for the consumer. All i want to do is be able to have a little control over the things I PAID FOR. be it scaling, moving, or just color matching. I cant help but feel like Content Creators are forcing us to use these products we are paying for in only the one single way they want us to use them while simultaneously trying to strong arm us into having to buy the body that goes with those boots I liked so much. I paid for it. why can't I move it around, change the colors, or even scale it to the size I want? Maybe I wanted to make a fairy out of that avatar. Or maybe i wanted to scale it up to 7ft tall and be an ork. maybe I want to edit>stretch out a mesh boot so I can make it into a fantasy witch house, or turn a space helmet upside down and put flowers in it. A Walmart representative isn't allowed to fallow me home and tell me what I'm can cook in my new crockpot, or stop me from turning it into a planter, so why is this OK in second Life?
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