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  1. I'm not going to lie. I have really and truly considered going that route and just making my own stuff, but honestly my experience with blender is VERY VERY limited, and in the end I would just be making sub-par versions of things I like but cant edit to fit my Avi right. Rigged Mesh items just completely go against the spirit of what makes second life great. people can Argue that Customization and creativity weren't ever in the original vision of second life, but then why is there originally so many different ways built within the game to build things and edit all the little bits and compone
  2. At first I was reading everything you said thinking "Ok, this is helpful.", but then I got to paragraph 3 and seen your attack. I don't appreciate the way you took one line out of 13 paragraphs "I've been playing this game for 3 years now" ran with that and nothing but that to try to warp and twist everything else i said in a bad way. you self righteously made grossly inappropriate assumptions about me as a person and my personality lumping me into a group you called "Gamers" based entirely on nothing but 9 words out of the roughly 774 words that make up my Opening post. I would like to thin
  3. Ok, so this is probably my first time posting in these forums and I'm sure some unsavory person will make a comment like "That's your first post!?", but I felt like this was something that needed drug into the light and examined. Like many of the people here I LOVE expressing myself artistically. I love to be able to log into SL and just be myself. I love doing fun and interesting things with my Avatar, meeting new and interesting people, and seeing the cool ways they customized their avatars to express themselves. UNFORTUNATELY, That individuality that I hold so so dearly is threa
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