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  1. Do you have a slurl? Or link where I can find more info about the school and class times?
  2. Thank you. I do know of Eden Valley.The time of classes didn't work for me last time but I will keep that school in mind. And will look into it.
  3. I'm not on SL as often as I use to be but I am looking to get into some form of School Role Play. (High School/College) I've been looking around and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction for active Schools, Dance school or Soroity. I normally role play between the ages of 16 to Adult. My interests include; Photography, Blogging, Fencing,Equestrian & Dance (my favorite subject). Mainly looking for a good place to role play and meet some new people.
  4. Looking for Woman/Men that would like to roleplay as dancers. At the moment the shows are not X-Rated. Eventually once time builds up we will have two seperate groups. They are also looking for Role Play Host/ess, Bartenders and Secruity guards. There might be other roles available on the sim. The role play will be taking place at Morningwood Valley. (ADULT SIM). We will put on actual live performances. No experience is needed but you do need to have basic Role Play Skills. Please contact :: JoeRonald or Penelo Faith 
  5. My partner and I are looking for a good RP community to open up a RP resturant. Meaning we will provide an RP experience to the community. We are looking for specific requirements because we want to provide the best experience. We are not a fast food resturant. We are an exquisite resturant. Our needs Min prim limit is 800. RP tables with food are high prim we want to provide a good RP experince with good detail.We have our own building that we plan to use. So if you are interested IM me inworld and I will provide you with more details as to the building. Music stream access. We would prefer to have the restuarant parceled off so as to not effect the whole community music stream. Occasionally we will host community events meaning we will have a live DJ. Prefer but not required Parceled off. So that we can change the music stream. If not, need a understanding that we may require when hosting an event to change land stream. Parceled off. So we may set the land to our resturant group. Not interested in communities who wish to charge us 3L a prim. No thank you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Please contact if interested SolielxX Resident Penelo Faith
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