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  1. Muchos Merci Teresita! You Confused, is ok no problem. Maybe why you have that 'C' next to your name? Where I am from, some poeple with brain problem, the doctor will make them wear a tag to say they not well. You thinking i'm maybe european. My bastart grandfather was from Scotland - make drunk my grandmother and sleep with her. She is from Goa. My mother father killed him but not my father - so he look so handsome but not legal. My father marry my mother who is persian but later divorced her for a male spanish who is half french. They now live in Norway. My mother remarried to a turkish who is half mongolian. They live in Canada. I now marry a Kenyan but maybe I will divorce too. Allah only knows. So yes, I am european.
  2. I know some people are realtistic dreamers - everything they do become fruitful and beneficial in real world. No problem this people. But i think most people in Second Life are delusioners - nothing to achieve and just use to kill they extra time pretending they are someone like in they mind. I think they are the same like the people on heroine. So, really, this place not for realistic dreamers. I advice them to stop wasting time and go do something useful like go make baby with their abandoned wife or husband.
  3. Why not talk to email people company? Problem with them no? I asked my friend about Second Life help - he said they cowdung! Many from not english speaking country and they only understyand if you type like english or mericun people.
  4. Maybe don't smile when you see them? Maybe you always busy? Maybe you are not very friendly? Maybe you reply IM 23 seconds too layte? Maybe is you? That woman Jannelle is very right. She not pretend she is nice so people who talk to her are either noobs or people pretending to be her friend.
  5. Being gay is no more problem now - Obama said Yes, Half of british men are gays long time starting with King Richard 1 - so they no problem. I not see problem. I like gays. But I don't like gays in a chain on their knees. Why the gay men in Gor are abusing the weak gays? That is not right , not even for the Spain people.
  6. Hallo, Second life is a dating site or no? I not undersytanding why you so be lonely - why not play with animals or yourself? Like in real world? Maybe you are bored in real world that is why you lonely? And what is this man talking about "being yourself" - I laughed (ja ja ja ja ja ja). You are cartoon, you already not yourself - no? You want be real put real picture and your telefon number. I call you, we make friends and if I like you I marry you.. voila! No more lonely!
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