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  1. Hello, current trying to script an attachment, i do not fond a way to address two issues: 1) how Can i do a people Can sit on an already worn attachment. 2) how to avoid collision and conflicts between two avatars on order that both could share the same volume (ie. One avi could appear or be hidden inside another one). May someone know how to address these issues? On full Perm script... I ve Heard about some items with docs that allow 1), but never round this and on doubt that scripts could be full perm; sont not usable on own design items. Please to let me know whenever there are some scripting solution. Ty
  2. LamyaeNeferati

    Viewer is hijacked. How to fix?

    Lol, uninstal, clean directory then install
  3. LamyaeNeferati

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    Who could dare to honestly Say "i m someone who deserves this document"? By itself Ur question IS a way to avoid such self called "interesting ppls". A better wording should have been "do u know an interesting ppl who would be a topic for a document ?"
  4. The worst thing IS when several ppls Come on a sim and simply stay, doing nothing, nor talking... That IS killing thing for any RP or discussion attempt. I do not understand what these ppls are doing on sl.
  5. LamyaeNeferati

    Impossible de me connecter à Second Life beta

    Avez vous pensez à passer les tests sur le copyright avant d'essayer? regardez https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/uploading-a-mesh-model-r274/ pour voir si vous avez bien rempli toutes les conditions
  6. LamyaeNeferati

    Cheaper to rent or get premium and buy 1024?

    For such a light différence, rather like to own:) . Sure i ve to pay IRL, but i m not to running all aller my SL running Time from jobs to jobs trying to earn lindens to Bill rental.
  7. LamyaeNeferati

    Cheaper to rent or get premium and buy 1024?

    Yep premium cost Real money, but it allows stipend and 'really' owning ur Land that seems for me the main advantage vs rental. With owning, u set ur own rules on ur Land, no Covenant, no building limits, and till u pay ur premium & eventual fees u r sure ur items will stay There. If u rent, whatever the rental IS, if the owner choose to eject u for 'covenant' violation or neighbour that are owner best Friends, or if the owner does not pay fees, u are ejected without refunding with some potential broken objects returned and à Big mess in ur inventory since return does not return each object separately but in à whole. Definitively i rather prefer an annual IRL billing for safety than running each week for jobs/hunt/fish to earn lindens to pay rental without be safe that Home will be Still there tomorow
  8. LamyaeNeferati

    land tier fee changes?

    Si, if i understand good, whenever i select full sim owning allowance, i will only be charged on maximal effective owning during the period?
  9. LamyaeNeferati

    Request a temporary up in the air building spot

    Hello, call me in World... At around 9pm european Time
  10. LamyaeNeferati

    Prim Ceiling Increase

    À nice advance instead could be to be able to dig really deeper for building underground at around -200 with ceiling at -100 instead of having a cube emerging out of ground. Sadly, most caves that exceed 20 heigt ugly émergé from ground as cube...
  11. done it seems, but seems land buying land is a little bit messy when all is green checked, and sharing these 512 to groups not really effective.
  12. LamyaeNeferati

    Clarification needed - Tier pricing and allotment change

    seems it's in effect, but seems there is a bug, i've money, with this +512 i ve allowance, but buying land on Mainland seems broken (all is green checked, but Nothing is processed on buy button) and for another character basic premium, cannot tx more than 512 to group
  13. LamyaeNeferati

    Merging parcels

    Heya, assuming i buy two parcels sharing a side but from different sim. May i use Land tool to make them one only parcel? On what sim will it be? What would be the resulting rating if both sims have not the same maturity rating?
  14. LamyaeNeferati

    can breedables be rezed in a Premium/free house?

    Btw, if i remember, nothing forbide u to have breedable on ur free 512. Thus, with tos, normally u Can. The main issues are with ur neighbour and technically (does a so little parcel prim allowance support breedable Caring for long ?)
  15. LamyaeNeferati

    SIM rating

    ah oki, ty Lilith, so on private of i do some parcels each can have her own rating that is different from overall island rating? sounds very interesting