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  1. Letting this Vic go at 10 am SLT, corner lot with the prettiest flowers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cobbs End/42/85/36
  2. Yeah you never know! I loved the stilt vibe but I kept thinking about the flowers and bridges and landscaping in the trad and Vic areas and realized I was missing that sense of a neighborhood. Go figure.
  3. About to abandon this stilt in Seahawk. It showed up as On Pier when I snagged it, but it is clearly mislabeled as it's about as Over Water as you can get. South facing an empty region, it pretty sweet but I decided that the stilt life didn't grab my heartstrings as much as I hoped. Good luck! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seahawk/165/27/24
  4. Fascinating to read the responses to this thread... here is my take, after having lived in each of them (except a Chalet of course)... Trad - Farmhouse, Shabby Chic or the Burbs... great for driving around, feels the most "homey" to me Houseboat - Classy marina, seagulls and nautical decor, excellent base to set sail from Camper - Glamping by the lake, outdoor activities, fun to explore because of the variety of camper styles Vic - Loooove the settings, landscaping... elegant or shabby decor, can go full out gothic for Halloween Log - Beautiful mountain/woodsy setting with modern log homes... nice for horseback riding Stilt - Beachy/boaty with coastal decor... doesn't really lend itself to boating though and kind of all looks the same Chalet - Looks promising but so much depends on the final landscaping and setting I would say my faves are Trad, Houseboat and Camper. I gave up my much loved Trad to get a Stilt which I thought was my dream, but ended up not really loving it. Go figure.
  5. Pictures a skybox with a bunch of vampires standing around, lagging the whole region.
  6. Oh gosh please no goth especially castles. The vampires will all move to Belli and there goes the neighborhood!
  7. Thats what I was just doing! Only not in the stilts
  8. From what has been said here, the OW ones are completely over water, with no stairs down, but they may be connected to a dock... and the OL ones have stairs down to the land (sand), they may be partly over water too, but you wont know from the land page. The main difference is the level they are on... OW ones are positioned lower, and the OL ones are up higher so there is more room under them... even the ones partly over land. Sorry this is rambley, need coffee!
  9. I looove this!!! Oh the cleverness of Patch and the moles. ❤️
  10. Gah me too!!! Only I am hosting an event on Monday, my guests will have to understand if I go afk!!!
  11. Hehe this looks awesome, I will grab one next time inworld! Thanks!!!
  12. I won't be doing any abandoning because I am not holding anything with my alt right now! I am in the same boat as Leora, I was merrily hopping from house to house out of boredom, not realizing I was going to deeply regret that if the stilts started releasing! Facepalm.
  13. Houseboat now too! I meant log... but its gone now... just ignore me...
  14. Argh that front door has me baffled. That, plus Patch said no one has guessed yet, and I am coming up empty. I would have guessed maybe Provence or Tuscany, but for the door!
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