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  1. The forum member's profile picture was a simple hypnotic spiral. after a complaint by another forum member, allegedly suffering from epilepsy, the picture was replaced with a heavily distorted static version. well, ok, delete the picture completely... , but do LL have the right to replace it with another? Imagine that one day you log into your account, and instead of your profile picture you will see another, and possibly heavily distorted, how would you like it?
  2. How to flag an item that uses the name of famous RL brands in tags, as well as products that resemble real products of famous brands? which is definitely a violation of the rules. Did I understand correctly what to press "Spam or disallowed listing practices - Gaming policy"?
  3. Why when old forum users criticize LL they call it "opinion" and support each other but when I try to criticize LL, they attack me with accusations and humiliate me in every possible way? Is that local Nazism? noobonazism? social inequality? lolll! fffuuuu!
  4. @Rolig Loon could you please stop spamming in my questions with your emoticons?
  5. Strange, isn't it obvious? The question is in lsl scripting category. Whats not clear?
  6. Hello! How to make vehicle move sideways with Shift + arrow keys?
  7. it maybe too late to answer and you might find it already, but thats what you looking for i guess https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CYRC-Follow-Grab-Hug-HUD/8121470 you should search something similar, there is a lot of stuff like that on mp. requires no permission.
  8. Hello! I'm trying to create an unpacker script for gacha (no copy items). is there any way to make the content appear in the folder and not in the objects? while it gives out just objects one by one. string START_TEXT = "Touch To Unpack"; // Text on rez string END_TEXT = "Item Is In Your Inventory"; // Text on completion string OPEN_SOUND = "6f61a589-b000-b685-d198-8c50d35dc926"; // Opening sound UUID default { state_entry() { llSetMemoryLimit(llGetUsedMemory()+1024); llSetText(START_TEXT, <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 1); } touch_start(integer n) { if(l
  9. Why separate control for mouselook at all? I used to work with a boat scripts and as far as I remember there was no separate ML control. the problem is that it flies perfectly and does both banking and yawing from a third face view, but there is only one of these things in the ML. maybe the problem is really in the parameters, and not in the control. this is all very strange...
  10. Thank you, I did everything as you wrote, assigned each key separately for each case - mouselook and non. but now it ...ehhh... it does yaw, but does not do banking, and I returned to where it all began and why this moment was added if (mode!=-2 && (level & CONTROL_ROT_LEFT || llGetAgentInfo(owner) & AGENT_MOUSELOOK)) { angular_motor.z = 10.0; angular_motor.x = -50.0; llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE, ANGULAR_START_TIME*.2); } In this case, the script in
  11. Hello! Thank you for your answer! It supposed to be: 1. If mode is not -2 and (Control_rot_left) or (Control_rot_left in mouselook) pressed then "A". 2. If (mode doesnt matter - for all mods, so nothing here...) (Control_left) or (Control_left in mouselook) pressed then "B". Mode -2 is on water here. Thats why i dont need banking at the first sentence.
  12. @Mollymews Could you help a little bit more please? I'm working with a modification here and now it is not doing the yaw in the mouselook, only banking. And I am really confused in lsl operators... if (level & (CONTROL_ROT_LEFT|CONTROL_LEFT)) { if (mode!=-2 && (level & CONTROL_ROT_LEFT || llGetAgentInfo(owner) & AGENT_MOUSELOOK)) { angular_motor.z = 10.0; angular_motor.x = -50.0; llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE, ANGULAR_START_TIME*.2);
  13. Thank you very much! I only had to change if (level & CONTROL_RIGHT) // Shift+RightArrow keys { angular_motor.z = TWO_PI; } else if (level & CONTROL_LEFT) // Shift+LeftArrow keys { angular_motor.z = -TWO_PI; } But basically it works! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  14. Hello! How to add YAW to Cubey Terra's Plane Airplane script? I got this wonderful control section but no idea on how this could be done. And the most important thing: yaw should be done with the Shift or LMB held and turn. //FLIGHT CONTROLS control(key id, integer level, integer edge) { integer throttle_up = CONTROL_UP; integer throttle_down = CONTROL_DOWN; integer yoke_fwd = CONTROL_FWD; integer yoke_back = CONTROL_BACK; vector angular_motor; // THROTTLE CO
  15. Seriously, guys, I'm already afraid to go into this project, because all that it brings to me is negative emotions and waves of hatred, and those who agree are silent, because they are afraid... I no longer expect any support or help from you. and in general, sl turned into a paradise for perverts (or was it always like that?). I won’t read your answers, but if you want to show off to people like you, please.
  16. you just confirmed my words about double standards... lol you seriously think nintendo care about this freebie? you have paranoya? YIKES what double post?
  17. awesome! you perverted my words again! by the way, guys! you are so smart! how do i proper flag it? cause i tried now and i could not find matching reason for it provided! is it "keyword spam" or "my intellectual property"? i imagine, how nintendo flagged my item! wooow, i am so impressed!
  18. you know, thats a brilliant idea! i will be serious adult mature guy and go report those others!!! its about 100 items,... but the hell with them! piece of cake! i will report them all, thank you! you guys are freakin awesome!
  19. SL once again comes to the grotesque in its venality and double standards. My free product with the #Nintendo tag was temporarily removed from sale, its ok now, I simply removed that tag. I became interested and I decided to check whether this innovation was applied to everyone. it turned out that paid products with this tag remained on sale. you can check. I laugh at you, nation of merchants!
  21. Someone was delving into my inventory. I recently created such a post : the next day, I decided to create another applier, but I found that this method doesn’t work anymore and the appliers made by me using this method disappeared. Edit: i was so stupid to mention about this method in my dialogue with catwa clip, so its too obvious...
  22. SOLVED! I contacted Catwa's owner, they told me it's not possible, only for skins this option works. Short hint for those who want to make such an effect (works for skins only!) 1. Follow instructions, use any textures as diffuse and normal maps and only specular map must be your glitter effect. 2. Later when you generate your script do everything as always and just remove textures code between "" quotes for diffuse and normal. It will look like: cmd += [""]; cmd += ["blahblahblahblahblah........blahblah"]; cmd += [""]; 3. Have fun!
  23. Oh the typo is ok. I worry about this line if ( (iOwner_only_flag && llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner() } || !Owner_only_flag)) // do stuff So my script now looks like this, no errors but is still always public. edit: i tried like this but not working touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( (iOwner_only_flag && llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner() ) || !Owner_only_flag) // do stuff menu(llDetectedKey(0), "\nText for Menu.", MENU_MAIN); } integer iOwner_only_flag ; integer Owner_only_flag; list MENU_MAIN = ["Button1",
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