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  1. A big thank you to everybody who has responded to this topic, I sincerely appreciated you taking the time and enjoyed reading your thoughts, moreso those who went into more detail. 1st Life is getting pretty hectic now and I am not getting much time either inworld or on the forums, so any responses after this message, I may not see for some time.
  2. Laughs. I have visions of some kind of "Howard The Duck" character going through my head, showing my age where that movie is concerned. Of course in urban roleplay there are only usually human characters involved, however the sentiment remains the same in that those characters are in essense no more real than a dragon etc, they are just as much a fabrication of a person's imagination.
  3. Hi NewLuden, I find your thoughts on this subject very interesting, moreso in that you are very new to the SL RP community, you are seeing things with fresh eyes. I am sorry that you had a bad experience in that sim where two men tried to "claim" you, but never let anybody drive you away from a sim. You probably know this by now, but it is possible to derender and block an individual in SL, so you never have to see them nor their communications ever again. Most SL roleplayers are very grounded and respect that it is all just fun involving characters, regardless of the format of RP involve
  4. What you are looking for isn't weird at all, if family RP in SL were like that, I would give it a go, well perhaps less the kids. A friend of mine who is friends with a male family roleplayer out of character, finds herself getting all kinds of headaches in IM, where he has become so lost in the drama of the RP, problems with his wife, problems with his ex wife, kids, grandkids, he really seems to have lost himself to this roleplay. He is always contacting her feeling depressed. He's a nice guy, I have met him in world too, but to me, if any RP is taking you to the point of it having impact on
  5. I can't speak about other genres of roleplay, I am referring to urban roleplay in specific, no matter what the sub genre of that urban is. I am finding more and more, that people are not differentiating between a character and a roleplayer. It could be that it is just my experience, so I welcome hearing from other roleplayers on the subject. I would like to start by giving an example of a communication I had with someone as a result of an advert they placed in a roleplay group, this is the abridged version and no names are mentioned, other than first names. The advert was pretty basic and I do
  6. I love the idea of western roleplay, it's been something I have been thinking about for some time. Unfortunately I know little about the era or the genre, it's been a long time since I've seen a western on tv even. Sadly I don't have the time to research things, else I would come along and roleplay. I do hope you managed to find a roleplay partner though.
  7. I did debate whether to waste any more time on you, but do feel the need to point out, for other readers who may not notice, that you omitted the part where you go on to say " In other words, if you are a cheapskate like me, go premium " That's when you were suggesting I would save money and you made it about me and that is what I disagreed with for the stated reasons. Regardless of whether or not reading is my strong point, copying and pasting your own quotes is not yours, though I very much suspect it was a deliberate omission to make yourself look wronged. I wish you well Fritigern, however
  8. Well I won't say I did not then, as you have formed your opinion regardless of whether it is accurate, but exactly what worst would there be in your comment anyway? So far as I read, you thought I would still save money and I disagreed. You are being over sensitive and reading too much into those volumes, you replied to my message and I responded in kind, this is the problem with written communication, there is no body language to go by and people end up getting upset over nothing.
  9. Sorry Fauve, I had to get a few hours sleep. Well we shall see what happens. One thing I have to say about LLs is though, they do a bad job with the viewer, which is why, most of us, though not all, I am sure, use a third party viewer, so I can't see them creating a phone app that would be that great. I will follow things with interest though and I may be proved wrong.
  10. Fair point, I am guessing they thought there would be though and they didn't accept that it differed too much to our usual Second Life experience and most of us are not happy to just wander around exploring experiences which offer little in terms of interaction. The graphics are superior though, that was about the only thing I was impressed with.
  11. True, this is prevalant at the [Moderator Edit: Region Name Removed] sim too, it is actually against LL TOS to falsify traffic in this manner and they claim to have measures in place to prevent it, but [Moderator Edit: Region Name Removed], most definitely does this, I remember one time I went there, there were about 40 avatars just floating at 4000m all with the same creation date. Using alts to make venues look busy is counter productive though, it might get people in initially, but they will leave as soon as they recognize the avatars are unmanned. I guess noobs might fall for it though.
  12. 2 for me, actually 3, though the other was just a scripted agent for group invites, when I had my sim and no longer gets used, though my friends know them, as I do theirs. I thought after x amount there was a charge anyway? Over 100? I really cannot imagine how you keep up with 100 or why you would need one for "each important person" after all, unless you are signed into more than one at once, the other people are therefore deemed less important at one point or another, which you could argue, makes them not important at all.
  13. Hmmm, I wonder which project you might mean? No but seriously you are right with that, it does seem like they are just throwing money down the toilet with that project, which could be put to better use, I think there was about 30 people there last time I had a look, but keep in mind, even with that project, the end goal would be to make some kind of profit, so the same would need to apply to a phone app and there would need to be signifant demand for it, before they would even give it consideration.
  14. With the anonymity the internet offers, you could argue it is less naive to see people on the internet as not real in terms of who they may profess to be. I guess it depends how much as a person, you take things at face value. I have been on the internet since well before it was popular and have learned in all those years that one must be cautious in what personal information you share and with whom you share it, friendship is a process that takes time to grow, everything on the internet, is so instant. I don't consider anyone a friend unless I truly know them and when you take into accou
  15. Be careful what you wish for, a phone app would cost money to develop, not to mention the additional support costs, if they did develop one, they would have to recoup those costs somehow. In all honesty no phone is going to give a great SL experience, I've tried Lumyia and it was consigned to the digital bin, it's hard to navigate, takes forever for scenes to load etc. You really are missing nothing. Yes you could just use it to communicate, but in all honesty anyone from SL I choose to communicate with to that extent has other options, such as my skype or whatsapp.
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