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  1. Firstly LL do have a limit on the number of a triangles a mesh can have before it can be uploaded and as for the 1024 textures, they can't be expected to hold back progress because some people don't use decent machines to access Second Life. If anything, what they should be doing is raising the minimum system requirements to access Second Life, it would avoid a lot of unreasonable expectations from those expecting a Ferrari experience whilst driving a Ford.
  2. Hi Molly, OK, I agree allowing a space, would have been a good idea, but I also have to believe there is some technical reason they did not, I don't think they have any desire to just upset people. However I still do not understand why it is a big deal, you could argue I have a last name so why would I, but I do have two alt accounts without them. I mean when I look at your name for example, I am perfectly capable of making the distinction that you are most likely Molly Mews, a space would not make you any more Molly Mews than not. I really need to understand, why in the grand scheme of things, this is so important?
  3. Wow, this is a somewhat bizarrely emotive topic. I just don't get it. When I created my alt accounts, I certainly didn't pull out the tissues because I couldn't create a last name, I just combined it with the first name. I honestly don't understand that people label those without a last name as wearing the "noob tag", it's just a crazy statement, given how long last names have been gone. If it were as simple as flipping a switch, I have no doubt they would have done it already, they would have nothing to lose. Do make it a premium feature, if it is something that costs to implement, but I certainly would not be sad enough to sign up for a premium account, just to have a last name and I find it doubtful there would be many who would. What's wrong with just using the display name to create a last name? Hell what's wrong with putting an underscore in the name created for a last name? It's not like the Resident aspect of the name is shown above the avatar, is it even shown in profiles?, I guess I don't care enough to have bothered noticing. I really do worry about the mental health of some Second Lifers when such ridiculous things become such an emotive issue.
  4. This is true, plus I imagine integration would be fairly difficult too. That being said, just having the ability to extrude or make loop cuts, would make a great addition.
  5. I've never understood why people are so bothered by having a last name, I mean when there were last names, there was a limited pool to choose from anyway. If last names return, it would be good, only if people could choose their own last name. My only real annoyance with names, is when people use ridiculous characters which make it impossible to chat with them by name in local chat.
  6. I don't think Second Life is going to die all the time it remains profitable. Sansar will have zero influence over what happens with Second Life as Sansar is not meant to be Second Life. Sansar is all about experiences opposed to interaction. I'm not saying you can't socialize there, as you can, but as an environment it has little in the way of interaction unless you are creating the experiences, It does have superior graphics and the experiences are very well made, but I certainly got bored with it very quickly and consigned its viewer to the digital bin. Sims come and go, they always have done. It is largely due to the running cost. I think most Second Lifers have no inkling just how expensive it is to have a region, which is why I always donate to any I use on a regular basis. In terms of your store, I don't know what you sell, so can't comment. You were obviously doing well, but with any store, there are only going to be so many buyers. Last time I logged in, I think the viewer reported there being roughly 40k users online, that is still a significant number, even if you exclude the bots and alts, it is still going to be a lot of people. Those numbers alone would suggest it is not dying. When you think about it, Second Life has no viable competition and please nobody mention "Open Sim", as that could never compete with Second Life due to the lack of content available for it. So no, in my opinion it is not dying. It's a shame the places you enjoyed disappeared, but take comfort in the fact that there will always be alternatives. I wish you well with your store and hope things pick up for you again.
  7. Hey, it was because I did the texturing in MD and the UV maps were perfect for baking in blender in that I wanted to add details to the texture after and the UV map wasn't stretching the texture when I did.
  8. I seriously doubt they would ever do that, for one Second Life has always been a place where anyone can create and even sale their creations, obviously if they are prepared to put the effort into learning. To have some kind of certification system would alienate a great deal of users and also border on snobbery. Let's not forget also that LL make their cut from anything sold on the marketplace, so they would be losing out too. I read a blog recently on an external website that was laying into the creators of some of the more popular mesh avatars in Second Life, saying how these creators were sloppy and lazy in their creations and not properly optimizing for Second Life. I guess it's easy to be a critic, when you are not the one doing the work. If people feel they can achieve the same level of detail, with a more optimized model, then they should make one, not simply complain about other people's work.
  9. I'm not actually sure what the benefits of rigging any headgear would be. Hats etc attach to a static point on the avatar, so rigging seems overkill. Also there are so many avatars available these days with mesh, you would have to create rigged models for each type. Then of course with rigged items, the end user can't fine tune positioning, once it's rigged, it's going nowhere. Obviously most clothing does need rigging because it goes on parts of the avatar that move, but headgear, like I say, I don't see the point. It may be you know of some benefit I am not aware of and I would be interested in hearing about that.
  10. Hmmm, reminds me of Frank Spencer, you probably won't know who that is if you are not British, but he was a very amusing character in 70s TV I think it was, might have been 80s. Man I'm showing my age now lol
  11. raspberry huh.... man that's a big ask....laughs, it does come in 10 colours, but only 2 are in the red range, this is because I'm not creative enough to create my own textures and am reliant on marketplace purchases where textures are concerned. Though to be honest, I wouldn't necessarily say that the included colours are what the texture creator described them as, but then I guess things are always open to interpretation, hence there will be a demo which allows for all colours to be tested, but they won't be named.
  12. This is so true, cliques can be a very major issue. I did discourage having them on my sim, but of course you can't dictate to people what they can do. I advised that if you do not wish to role-play with someone, at least use a post in role-play as the means to indicate this, rather than just ignoring them. I do have my role-play friends, whom I will always role-play with no matter what, but on the flip side, I always make it clear, that provided I am not role-playing in a private area, anybody is welcome to post themselves in without asking permission and if I am in a private area, just drop me an IM and I will be glad to role-play with that person another time. There is also the problem of character compatibility, sometimes one character just won't be reasonably compatible with another character for role-play because of the character traits. This is why although generally most of my characters are bad characters, they have differences, by which that if one character is incompatible with somebody else's character, I will likely have another, that is compatible. I personally loathe exclusion of others, even those deemed as bad role-players. I certainly don't understand hardcore cliques, that is people, who simply won't role-play with anyone other than those in their clique. This is a form of snobbery, which in the end, only harms themselves because they will usually be missing out on getting to know a new and very good role-player. Unfortunately, cliques will always exist and there is no way for sim owners to prevent them, but I totally agree that they do a lot a harm in terms of keeping newcomers on sim.
  13. Thank you, I will probably view part one too as I would be interested in having a go at creating that particular mesh, just for the experience. I may never make anything other than the Beanie myself in terms of wearable clothing, but never say never. I did manage to get the Beanie's triangle count down to 2234 after losing inside faces and adjusting in other areas, but the downside was, because the Beanie sits over the ears, there was some obvious show through, in terms of selling, it's hard to know just how fussy a purchaser is going to be and because I did things in the wrong order, where I was so keen to see what the Beanie would like on my avatar, I had already baked the textures and the UV map no longer worked well with the adjusted model. I will probably do things from scratch again, as I am someone who likes to learn new things and each time you do something, there is room for improvement. Anyway as I say I consider myself inexperienced, I only stumbled into Blender because I couldn't find a certain building type on the marketplace. I am relatively sure, my buildings do well in terms of geometry, but then walls are basic structure. It so nice that those of you, who have experience, share your experience and I couldn't be more grateful.
  14. Thank you so much for giving such a detailed a response. What a great outfit you have created. I will look at my model again. Losing the inside faces I am sure will make a significant difference, but there may be other areas I can tidy it up too.
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