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  1. and now the thread is even older ... im interesed in 3d printing. I am involved in a startup here in the US and we are activily setting up to be printing commercially in large scale come Feb 2014. I am using a new technology that acually uses a non toxic material and i can print in full color.. my cost to print is a tenth of the cost of anyone else on the market. Im wanting to partner with in-world designers and modelers (same thing?) I also wish to be able to print avatars... so need help working through the TOS hurdle... please feel free to contact me in world via jexpek waveride I presently provide 3D renderings and animations for the architectural markets here in south florida... i think i could provide help to the original poster of this thred.. if they're still around.. and if anyone else is interested i'd like to get together and discuss..
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