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    Baking AO in Maya

    Thank you Cathy that seems to have mostly fixed my issue. But I still get these dark lines around seams. http://i.imgur.com/HG2tbVr.png I turned the fill to 3, but I feel it kinda made it look unnatural and mess up around some other parts, is there another setting I should try adjusting?
  2. hellclad

    Baking AO in Maya

    Nope, it's only one sided, I don't mirror polygons until I'm 100% through with everything getting touched up.
  3. hellclad

    Baking AO in Maya

    Nope, they're all faced the right direction, when I turned off double sided rendering still the same. :\ http://imgur.com/a/lD3TW with culling
  4. hellclad

    Baking AO in Maya

    Unwrap : http://i.imgur.com/aEIKyfH.png No overlapping or anything, just doesn't want to cooperate.
  5. hellclad

    Baking AO in Maya

    Bump, if anyone has any idea at all, please let me know <3
  6. hellclad

    Baking AO in Maya

    This is something that happens when I try to bake AO using mental ray... http://i.imgur.com/N22JU01.png Not sure why this is caused. I've been going abck and forth between blender and maya to bake an AO but I would like to fully just be able to convert over to maya now. If anyone has any ideas or knows anything about this please let me in on it. Thanks for all the help everyone has been before on these forums too. Edit: http://i.imgur.com/xnMJWhU.png My mental ray settings.
  7. hellclad

    Maya UV Unfolding

    It seems I can never get anything to unfold propoerly or neatly when trying to lay my models down flat... Always leads to overlapping or things being unorganized and messy, I cant figure out the problems at all or how to get them to stop doing this... Please I need help. It's important. http://i.imgur.com/lQgd51U.png
  8. hellclad

    UV Deformation

    It's not something I'm using for working, it's something I'm using for learning, not to be a functional piece. Mainly trying to use it as a way to make a lower poly piece then have it redone into a higher poly piece to bake a nicer ambient occlusion map. I think I might have mucked it up myself to begin with and have found a way to fix it myself with a little bit of time Thanks though.
  9. hellclad

    UV Deformation

    So more questions messing around with subdiving and what not, working with triangle polys at start with sub division, and when I reseam and unwrap it with my AO I get this as a result. http://i.imgur.com/i26bFG0.png Anyone know what's up with this or how to have it you know... not do this? :D Definitely more things for me to learn ^^
  10. Thanks everyone, I did manage to get it all sorted and fixed. http://i.imgur.com/2iRHg6Y.png After touching up a bit more on my pillow design, got it all fixed and dandy. http://www21.speedyshare.com/2dTsY/download/Snapshot-014.png Thank you.
  11. In response - Size isn't an issue. http://i.imgur.com/PgtSiDJ.jpg It's only that small, poly count is reduced to 1600. Its not that big in Blender either. Will get a screenshot of that if I have to. Also, I use Blender as stated above. There's no resizing done, that's imported and dropped in. Edit 2 Changing physics shape to a simple cube got the prim count / LI down to 2, but it should be one. Is 2 atleast acceptable?
  12. I lowered poly count from 6000 to 1600... Still has a Land Impact of 10. Just read post above me, will attempt.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/owJVc3Y.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6FeTOxW.png
  14. I'm working on this simple pillow for an event and the prim cost is coming up to 13... Does that make sense for this simple small item? http://i.imgur.com/taUGbE4.jpg
  15. That is a nice trick, thank you for the pointer. My method so far has been just using solidify and lowering the thickness to a reasonable amount.
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