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  1. Would be nice and interesting if that was a working train and you could catch it to go to different regions to be dropped off.
  2. Ah got it most likely it will be updated upon the release of the trailers as that should be an official release. And to some of the other posts not directed to you @RaeLeeH you will always see a large influx of abandons when a release is suppose to happen.
  3. I just wondering if I am not seeing something in that post it has not been updated for any of these releases. I went to it awhile back when you posted the link way back when to see if Patch updated the post and nothing. So I guess these releases are considered unofficial releases? but now I got a clear understand from what you stated.
  4. Why do people keep posting that it has not been updated in awhile unless I am looking at the wrong post last time was August regarding security systems. Get no notifications when any of these releases happen so guess they are not large releases.
  5. Yep just going to stick with what I have I am done with the entire setup. It is really annoying that they are releasing these at terrible times of the day, good for some time zones terrible for others. They have not done one release that was feasible for EST people they have all been released during working hours. Either while you are driving to work, at work or going home from work who can really sit and anticipate when they are going to release something. Truthfully going back to renting an area from other players less stress and I can do what I want and have what I want.
  6. Figures the one time I am not looking the dang area gets released.
  7. Yep that would be a maybe never can be too sure what they have planned.
  8. Saw a bunch of posts on here glad it was just Picards Wharf was about to get mad lol.
  9. Yes there are a few older areas that are lovely they are secluded have little lakes or hidden in mountain paths some sit on top of cliffs and look over the landscape and have like you stated little footpaths. I would have loved to snag one of them but at the time of release this was like a mad house not saying the madness has gotten any better but the homes/houseboats where swallowed so fast in the first initial release it was insane.
  10. It is nice because if you did not get a ocean view at least you can have a river going thru most of the properties in River Run. Figured it is because of the body of water that makes it favorable. I not only look for water but also other little landscaping designs the moles seem to implement in certain areas but not all. I have seen little hideaway sitting areas, some people that live near the ocean have personal little decks w/seating. Some homes have flowers/trees nicely placed around them. Some homes are located near or next to I call them venues like parks, swimming areas and so. I am not sure why some areas get that little extra push over others it just may be the moles that are designing that particular area at the time have a design concept in mind that they go with.
  11. That would be a big surprise and sad at the same time because I would not be aware and miss out.
  12. I am trying to figure out what people are actually saying is going to be released. Really trying not trying to log onto game chat to see what is being said by Patch.
  13. Houseboat keeps coming back to me people please take it lol. So it gets off my screen.
  14. We said that about another area not being completely released and they went ahead and released limevale without a second thought you never know what the moles/linden plan on doing. And all that looks like a simple reset of the home, people have done that with already released homes and the moles swooped in one two three and fixed it.
  15. Ah thought you meant 14:30 am SLT was like I am not even up and on at that time lol. I never was able to locate that house in Axim that you posted I went all up and down the coastline ran into houseboats was like that is not it went back the other way still did not see it lol. That houseboat came around again.
  16. Don't know how that would have been released at that hour Patch I don't think even works that late nor do I think all the appropriate people would be working at that time of the day/night.
  17. That you will not have to worry about me I am having a struggle with the few prims I have now as I like to decorate and add a lot of detailing to the space. I have to sit and weed thru the massive amount of stuff I have for low prim items that go nicely with the theme I want to achieve. Trailers will have less the prims those that want them can have them I would release it in a minute.
  18. Ah well who ever either owns or will own that spot it is very lovely what area was that ?
  19. Nice view love the little dock and you also have trees and some grass on the side perfect little spot.
  20. I wonder why it was released so many times seems to have a nice view, like people stated I think people are more into the catch release mode then actually looking for that perfect spot. I have slowed way down with releasing and trying to snag the perfect home because it just seems to not be happening, the areas that I like get released randomly and most of the time along with another area so I typically get the area I don't want. I liked Axim but that of course was released during the hurricane that was passing thru and really did not come on to play. I have my eye on another area but not going to even worry myself anymore about trying to get a home there as I know it is going to be released when I least expect it the thrill has died the more time goes I am getting tired of the same process over and over again to obtain one. I just enjoy taking a look at pics now of homes and getting back into my decoration mode maybe if I decorate the current home to a level I can be satisfied with.
  21. That zone is going to go so fast just for the simple fact of the size so advise people start refreshing.
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