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  1. Wow enjoying these pics giving me great ideas on when I want to redecorate right now staying with one theme.
  2. lol! thought i was the only one literally left the office when it was released go figure.
  3. We need one person on each time zone to call out what they see lol. Funny thing a houseboat came up on my screen did not even get the ding and refresh is still going very strange and I was at lunch. Did not want it so refreshed my screen but starting to wonder if refresh is working like it should be.
  4. Check the drop down menu if it is hitting and you see Meadowbrook most likely it is in the drop menu and then next time it will hit it will come up first.
  5. Saw that one at least lol after the fact got up from my desk.
  6. True why people will never see the same amount come up because of how fast they go so the next person probably will not even get a hit.
  7. did not see that what do you have your refresh set on?
  8. Everything is laggy after awhile not just houseboats but the homes also once you start placing more items into the area it can cause lag. People may have decided they no longer want a houseboat and want a home. You may have people that have alt accounts that have been holding onto a property until they decided to release. Who can tell why a influx of houseboats came up most of the time it is homes this may be a good thing that people have a chance at houseboats now.
  9. Yes I mentioned that to someone that yes it can be a big choice to release a home because it can take awhile to gain another with them being such high demand right now and truthfully hope that each one of these homes are going to a well deserved real person that actually wants one and not just I am going to hold a house and not use it. I see a lot of vacant homes and houseboats which yes it is their prerogative what they do with it but would be nice to see active neighbors and someone you can actually speak with but I guess you can do that in the belli group.
  10. It is a very nice community can be quiet at times where you want to knock on your neighbors door if they are even actively in the home some have been empty since day one.
  11. Glad I did not pay attention much would not want to cap one of these homes and then have to release it again but glad people got some new homes.
  12. I did and gave my house up so someone else could enjoy did not like the yard much and looking for something that is close to some type of water other then a houseboat in which I already have access to that from a friend. Still have my husbands house but rather not keep my group tag on all the time to do things on his property or my friend's I am always doing interior decorating so always switching things up lol.
  13. Yes 12-Step until someone either rams their first or foot in the computer 😋.
  14. Join the group lol going to make a Linden Homes Anonymous (LHA) Group so everyone can sit down and vent.
  15. It does not even have to be a sea view a lake, pond, canal some type of water is all I need lol. I am use to changing up my terrain and putting water somewhere on my land since these are static locations in which we can't make any adjustments I am forced to look for property that is near it, I can't even find objects that have water effects that would be low enough prims other then maybe a pool.
  16. Not the simple fact of a fear never getting another again people don't won't to go thru the hassle of trying to obtain another home/houseboat or have the time.This process is very time consuming if you are a person that does not use auto refresh forget about it just with the grace of the linden gods you can get one by pure luck. And then you have people like me that work and have no time to be watching a screen 24/7 when these homes are just released at any time of the day so I may catch it and most of the times I don't.
  17. Hehe! like I said always something you really don't want can get quickly.
  18. Most of the time you get something that you really don't want, when you really want something it seems almost impossible to obtain. I have been waiting for LL to bless me with a home (not houseboat) near the water or canal but has it happened . Got plenty of other homes but not the one I am looking for.
  19. Seems so and was on a phone call at work so did not watch PC ah well. Release process is truly amazing and they continue to stick with it so those fortunate to have time to pay attention Congrats! I Like to know when this process will actually slow down and you can just go to the normal home window and choose the home you want.
  20. Oooo! that would be nice to get a home especially near the water but even without being near the water it gives a ocean feel with that large lighthouse that can be seen by all houses.
  21. I think I saw that pop up was not interested in a houseboat so did not attempt to claim it.
  22. How many prims do you have outside I think I spent too much time inside and may have to take items away to do outside. Love the view you have in the back with I could get a waterfront home we have a houseboat in my small family group but have been trying to snag a waterfront home has not happened but love what you did with the side/back yard.
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