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  1. I have a 12288 square meter parcel on G Rated Mainland. It is a beautiful Large L shaped lot, with a prim allotment of 2812 I loved having this land but no long need it as I am moving on to other things (within SL). I am Asking L$ 30,000 O.B.O If you are interested you can reply on this forum and I will contact you, or you may email zwilliams@orbitsystems.ca and my In-World Name is Acidphyx Residnet, or you can visit the land and buy it directly by following this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seacoal/249/240/86 -Zack
  2. Hello Everyone, This is a public announcment to affect potential interest in a new multi-level business model I am about to launch in-world. My Name is Zachary Williams (SL: Acidphyx Resident) I am the owner of http://www.orbitsystems.ca You can go there to see examples of my work. I have been into tech for 20 yrs, and am fluent in several programming languages as well as operating systems. I rent a manage my own Dedicated Servers when needed, as well as I do all the WebSite and LSL Programming Myself. My wife and myself are about to launch several businesses in SL. All Centered around the use of a 1/4 Sim Long Cruise Ship I already own. The Cruise ship covers all the best needed features of a good sim, Shopping, Club, Movies, Unit Rentals, and anything else we can think of and fit. The Cruise Ship Club is intended to be a fun place with whatever kind of music we feel like making the club, we have not decided yet. It will serve as a backdrop to offset costs of opening, advertising, and running the following businesses AcidStreams, a new low cost, High Capacity Shoutcast/IceCast Streaming Solution, using CentovaCast. Nearly ready to launch, and already have fully functional custom build HUD, and In-World Account Managment Terminals Custom System built by me that facilitates Account Creation on Signup as well as multi servers. Luxuria Domus, Luxury Rentals will be sold aboard the cruise ship. CFCSlave <-- This one I can not say much about other than it is Adult Related, and a subscription system that we are confident (given the response during development) will go very well @ $50/m or $12.50/wk Those companyies are ready to go live once we have the land and buildings setup. Ideas we have in the pipeline include... Real World WebCam Streaming, Already have code in development for this system. We know one already exists but it sucks. This will also (possibly) be a subscription based system, with ability to purchase. What we are looking for.... We are looking for 1 or more business partners to help pay the bill for the land, We could afford to do it ourselved but it would strech us thinner than we want. Streaming Servers, Hosting, Domains, Bandwidth, Centova Licenseing costs will be paid exclusivly by us. We can also cover 1/4 of a sim per month and are looking for someone to cover the other 1/4 or greater if you want. In Return you will be given a % share of the company and it's profits, relative to your constribution. (Which will be negotiated. We are Canadian and Easy Going.) Responsibilities would also include helping to promote the companies in any way possible, and helping customers whenever possible. Just as we will be doing. If this is something you would be interested in let me know here or IM me here on ASN. SL Name: Acidphyx Resident Email: zwilliams@orbitsystems.ca
  3. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it and will stop by when I have time over xmas here :-D
  4. Thanks for the input. It sure is alot to consider. :-D
  5. Thank you I will do that. :-D I am also looking for people just to explore SL with as chilling with a friend is better than walking around alone.
  6. I have been looking at doing something similar and have been curious about the same economic feasability. I would think that with a really well placed, multi sim connected, location with alot of in-sim/on-site entertainment (may take a few people working together). Possibly two adject and connected sims, one for residential and one entertainment/comercial. Adult Living Oriented without being whoely pornographic. Movie Theatre, Off-Shore Cruise Party Yacht with access via helicopter. Large beach access with loads of free rezzable personal water-craft, and paid Mooring space. These are just some ideas. I'm sure there must be alot more as well. I currently rent a 1/4 sim, have been looking to rent the 1/4 sim next to mine. But I would love to look at the prospects of multi owner large community situation. My overall thoughts being that I myself tend to rent one place only for a couple months, either due to landlords moving or the place just becoming stagnant. I also see lots of places around me switching renters frequently as well. I think if a place was created with entertainment, Living E.T.C It would encourage people to stay within for most of what they need. Then it would be more viable these days.
  7. I have been playing SL for a few months now and have a full membership, and rented land. I'm pretty familiar with SL, have a 5.1GHz PC w/ 3x 7950 GPU's and a Dedicated Airconditioner keeping it all cool. Yet when I log into the game to stop by various places but no-one seems to chatty, I'm pretty friendly, and just looking to have a good time in-game. I am into all sorts of RP (No Vampire BS - Sorry Don't mean to offend) I am also into pretty much all Adult RP as well. I have the money to spend in world to buy any thing I need, but what I need to meet like minded people who can get me into the social situation a little more. Feel free to contact me in-game, with either a notecard or a IM. I play pretty much daily. I'm GMT -8 (PST). I am online in the late evening to early morning for that timezone.
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