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  1. About The Sim: We are a fairly new Medieval Fantasy sim that opened in December of 2016, We are looking for active dedicated roleplayers who want to get a early grip on a up and coming sim! We have events running and feature a dynamic seasonal shift that effects the roleplay environment along with faction events and general role play. We feature a comprehensive magic and combat system along with featured races and the ability to customize your character should you not find something you enjoy on our featured races list. We do not enforce any sort of points, xp or skills other than our dynamic
  2. I for the life of me can't seem to find a WEARABLE or ATTACHABLE motorcycle. Not one you have to Rez. I need one for RP purposes and I can't find it anywhere. I was told that somebody makes them or could make them I just can't seem to find that person either. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!!!! P.S I'm looking for a Harley Davidson or Chopper style bike.
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