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  1. Good day, Since the beginning of this year, whenever i come to Second Life more than 30 minutes, i get disconnected whenever i try to move to another Sim : the loading screen for teleportation never manage to contact the region i'm aiming for and then i'm disconnected from all servers. What is surprinsing, is the fact that if i don't move from the sim i'm standing, i can still talk to other people, interact with object, share items with others people in chat, etc. I noticed the same problem with the marketplace : after 20 minutes, whenever i try to buy something on the marketplace, the item never reach me. I have to go offline, then come back to see the item in my inventory. It's like i'm being trapped each 20 minutes and it is quite frustrating. If someone share the same issue or know a way to clear this problem, please, my SL experience is falling apart bit by bit these days. Regards.
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