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  1. I'm looking at his screen name and wondering. Was it just a name, or was it a note to himself to be inspired to make photography? Or perhaps it was to inspire others to do photography stuffs? Whirly Fizzle wrote: I guess he left... I suppose at least he inspired you to make this totally awesome screenshot of his empty profile, so maybe he's accomplished his mission in some small way. Like, wow. I almost miss him. Almost.
  2. I'll use this as an example to the OP. I could reply with the first snarky response that came to mind and proceed to go around in circles, accomplishing nothing and going nowhere... or I could nod my head politely, excuse myself and go on to better uses of my time. See how easy that is?
  3. I feel that way about this entire forum. I usually just remove myself from the equation entirely and do something more useful with my time.
  4. I was all set to fire up my ridicule and bratty, snarky comment machine when I realized you're referring to a different kind of "mistress". Darn it.
  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I completely understand where you're coming from, and I agree. Most times it's best to keep most people at arms' length. Only a very, very select few should ever be allowed to come closer than that, and that's only because they've earned the privilege in one way or another.
  6. I'll add it to the list of RLV restrictions. ....being helpful. Intentionally even... I... I don't know what came over me....
  7. I have an alt create about a dozen cubes and make them all No Copy, then send them to my main. Now, whenever I need to have ONE copy of something, I put one of those cubes in there. This way I can keep track of the most up to date HUD, AO, collar, etc. Easily reversible, too.
  8. Is the syntax also correct in the notecard? Zhao has the vertical bar between entries and it should have no spaces. For example: [ Standing ]Anim1|Anim2|Anim3|Anim4 Those are the exact names of the animations, no spaces, separated by the "|" (vertical bar, the shift+backslash key). There is no vertical bar after the final entry in the list. Hope this helps and stuff.
  9. I dunno.. I think I'd rather enjoy having my mental state manipulated by an unprofessional but well-meaning interfering busybody. ...bodeie... person.
  10. *warms up her pose stands and whipped cream*
  11. But if there weren't so many boobs around who would buy all these prim attachments?
  12. Would you mind sharing the pictures once they're done? :smileytongue: I'll use my imagination in the meantime.
  13. Then you might consider contacting the vendor that sold you the HUD and asking them. When I fell out of bed, by golly, the first thing I did was contact customer support for my toaster.
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