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  1. Weekly Performance based pay - If we do well you do well Needs to be able to post notices, invite people who actually will come, ability to do DJing is a plus, contact me inworld
  2. Hey everyone I'm pretty new to selling items but was wondering what the best tools are I can use to make fitted mesh for specific mesh bodies for slink and maitreya recently someone wanted 50k per item for mesh models but surely it can't cost that much for some help. I have 3 successful businesses in world and thought I'd try my luck at this only really selling omega applies currently but would love to expand my range
  3. Come and Work For One of the nicer clubs in SL We are hiring. Good Club with a great community http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farmington/131/173/23
  4. Message us if you want to attend improve your skills or apply for a job dancing with us we are a fun place to dance, we are also searching for more dj's and hosts if you read this post and it's not for you refer a friend. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farmington/136/172/22
  5. If you would like any of the 3 jobs above please message me or cammie core inworld and we will gladly assist You can find us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farmington/136/172/22
  6. Got a new place you're opening ? Then we want to know about it. We have rezpoint adboards ready for you to rent for only L$100 per week. Want to start a franchise? we have 1 shop available in our mall at Double Infintiy
  7. Nice come on in and grab an application if you need any assistance message Alex Hermione (TJFSerenity Resident) all forms are reviews by cammie core who will make the final decision on hiring. Hope to see you there soon.
  8. We are looking for dancers to come and work for us! We have regular visitors and good customers 100L$ adboards available in club as well to support you when you're offline so you're always in touch with clients. Message Alex Hermione (TJFSerenity) or Cammie Core for details
  9. We're having a Spin the bottle game all day tomorrow, Pay to Enter as there will be some special things going on *wink* @ Double Infinity
  10. Hi to celebrate SL's 12th birthday I would like some event ideas for the weekend I run a high class club. Spin the bottle and Greedy have been hits in the past any other ideas? :)
  11. Double Infinity is making an upgrade. Tired of pokey little shops for L$100 per week? How about double the size! Come check out the supermall. Contact me inworld if you require additional shop space
  12. Hey There Double Infinity is in need of a general manager, It is a Dancer escort club with a Twist we have DJ Events and top quality equipment. If you are interested you must know how to send notices, Actively invite people and be prepared to contact first life so we can run the club more effectively although first life contact is not necessary it would be preferred. If you Key in Tramps you'll see what I have achieved in the past with a partnership. Although I am no longer associated with Tramps and have my own club now. This Infinity club is higher classed you are definitely in for a bright future Contact me inworld for more details or post below.
  13. Someone asked me this same question who was cashing in $500 USD a month. The difference with me is I was making 500 USD a month. How are you making that? Through having good contacts and investing in good equipment. If I wanted to I know how to get almost L$2000 a day with very little work What if I told you if I have a good weekend I can make L$15,000 The secret is find the right people get yourself a good structure and good organisation It's not always what you know but who you know This is after I downgraded myself from a large club owner to a smaller club. Smaller establishments are easier to manage and also good earners if you have your own customer base
  14. Hi Justintime1331 Interesting business name and logo. It's almost the same as mine logo and all. although we don't rent skyboxes we could advertise yours I own a club called Double Infinity. Perhaps we can work out a deal where we can promote your skybox via adboard. Contact me inworld (Alex Hermione) TJFSerenity Resident
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