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  1. It have show and not show. Cannot use the original viewer because the web profile have no show and only that is seen. In firestorm the web profile is optional. Today it is seen, but when it does not show I can turn off. Still this is problem to me also.
  2. Still broke. Both pc. Not say the viewer is wrong. Please read comment again. Thank for all your hard work on fix the problem.
  3. It have display broke again. I think this something not in my setting since it display right and wrong with no change to my setting or update. Hope this fix soon.
  4. No thing have change by me, but now I see profile (Firestorm). Have it work you also?
  5. Have check now on 2 different pc and the profile do not show either pc not with use of Firestorm or SL viewer. :catindifferent:
  6. Hello. I have the same problem. Started a day prior your post and continue. I use also Firestorm (4.6.7), I download and check latest official viewer and same problem.
  7. Venus is sooooooo right. Let everybody view bug and update to bug. I finally get one snapshot show today. :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Much luck if this stay and everyone use. Many thanks if the ability returns.
  8. I echo Kvetinka, this still not work. Disappoint is great.
  9. Hello, any way find when resolved? This seem silly to do during holiday when often is time to share and make memory? A full week without the service of profile feed picture is long. Hope soon finish.
  10. I must say same problem. Firestorm 4.4.0 (33720) Many days this is not go.
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