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  1. Not sure how many have seen my previous post. but i have started a new clan for the demons here in second life. i am not online for all the times i wish to be, nor can i be in many places at once. im hiring maybe a few people who can go out scouting for me, advertise my new clan. people who can help me find new members and talk about the clan. would be helpful if you could also join, but if not i can create a special tag for you. This is a special free ranged clan for the loners and for those who love demons just like i do! i have clan land inside a volcano and i dont need to take souls if you want to join this family^^ if interested i-m me! find me inworld Lovestoclimb CAS!!:D
  2. Im a demon here in sl, i started a clan for people like me, i accept all kinds of people, if you human or vampire or lycan and you want to join a demon clan. Its a free ranged clan. You can go about your normal life in game. i just wanted to start a clan for people like me, who love demons! wether your a full on demon role player or someone who just likes to dress as one all are welcome:) the clan is through bloodlines, i dont have to take your soul if you dont want me to . but you will need the Rage bloodlines HUD to join the clan! soon i will have clan land everyone can hang out together on:) Hit me up in world, would love to meet yah and tell you more if your interested! look me up Cas ( lovestoclimb)
  3. Love being a demon? i have a new clan for human/demons or any other person who would rather be in a demon clan than a vampire or lycan clan its a no strings attaced clan, i dont expect you to come to clan meetings or clubs or anything really..its a clan for just those who love being demon and want a family to belong to i dont expect anyone to feel better than anyone else. to me all are on the same level hit me up in world if your interested CAS type in LovestoClimb
  4. Starting a new clan for people who really like demons, who dont want to be vampire or lycan, but half demon and half human!! will need to get bloodlines HUD for humans and will need to be dedicated to wearing demon horns^^ if you are out there and like the lifestyle of a demon/human find me inworld and join my clan! look me up Lovestoclimb(Cas)
  5. Interested in making some money in sl? im hiring for Djs! preferablly who have a music range of classic rock/modern rock/ metal 80s and 90's rock I HAVE CLUB STREAM TO PROVIDE IF YOU DONT HAVE Also hiring so hosts male or female:) id prefer atleast 3months experience in Second Life but if not i will personally train you! I accept everyone of all shapes sizes genders and fantasys This place is a family, and all are welcome<3 Message me in world if you are interested and stop by and check it out! ~DeRailed~
  6. New undergroud grunge/rock club hiring for djs and hosts:) i have own stream if djs dont have one, willing to train the right host if you have no expereince:) i need people with wonderful outgoing and friendly personalities willing to stick to schedule, im pretty flexible if rl interfears:) my Club has aboveground abandoned hang out and underground Mermaid area and underground club! Message me inworld if you are interested and come visit my place if you like what you see and wana join the staff let me know! type this into search and make sure adult setting is enabled ~DeRailed~ -Casolee(lovestoclimb)
  7. dont need one, I will interview you personally, just message me inworld
  8. Now hiring either Hosts or Dj for new club opening up. its a underground grunge club/music style rock/classic rock/grunge. message me inworld if you are interested.:) id love to have you on board!! I guarantee once this place takes off you will have so much fun!theres so much to offer at my club/hangout. No experience needed for host, and for dj I would need you to have own music, I have stream. Come visit club anytime! I may or may not be there if you message me ill come Visit ~Derailed~
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