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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen... Tired of the same old crowd in the same old club? Fear not Heavens Gate is now open. We offer 24 atmosphere in a classy establishment featuring the best talent on the grid *YOU* No applications ,just a commen sense rule that you respect the other dancers and treat them better then you'd like to be treated :) On the 1st floor we feature the main stage for a featured dancer as well as our secondary stage. Do you wish to entertain a patron a little nore intimatly ? We offer options for that too. Stop by for a visit: Dreamz(46,199,22)
  2. Revolution : Edgewater is holding an open house April 23 at 11am to 1pm and another 4pm to 6pm *SLT Explore Edgewater, ask questions Live DJ 4 to 6 Revolution : Edgewater, Dreamz (118, 17, 22)
  3. Hello I'd like to invite those interested to visit us at Revolution : Edgewater. We are a modern sim based loosely on the television show "Revolution" Our story takes place 2 years after the global black out ,and the small coastal town of Edgwater struggles to get by with out electricity. Please IM me if you have any questions or stop by our welcome center. Revolution : Edgewater, Dreamz (118, 17, 22)
  4. So first if all I just realized (MISSED CONNECTIONS) was probably not the right spot for this topic. Oh well. The scenerio was I had met a female avi and we started having a friendship on its way to possibly more so far as SL is concerned. Her picture that she had on her public profile. She never claimed it was her. However you place a RL photo on your 1st life information are you claiming that is you? So I copied and did an image search. The same image came up only 3 different times. Those websites one being a fan fiction site. Threw tons of red flags. When I asked her about it. The frie
  5. Thank you to everyone who commented. I appreciate the feed back. I still feel bad for having lost a friend but moving on.
  6. I could and they would probably be none the wiser. But I screwed things up by being honest about googling their profile pic. It was dumb to do so cuz ultimately in my heart it really didn't matter. I'm just too honest for my own good I guess.
  7. I had a friend. I did something I shouldn't and now I lost what could of been a good friendship. I'm so sorry A* P*. Maybe you'll see this and maybe you'll know it's for you. Curiosity. I had it and I lost you.
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