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  1. sorry for your heartbreak, i know the feeling. with love, sooner or later comes pain. its inevitable. try to be glad you shared the moments that you did and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with being as happy as you can be. remember if you love someone set them free, if they come back their yours forever if not it wasnt meant to be. be strong.
  2. budsmoaker

    hi all

    hey there, from ohio usa
  3. Awesome,gonna come kill me some zombies.
  4. hey purple, I'm Bud. I like to bild and ride SL motorcycles, hang at rock clubs, good friendly chat.Anything light and fun.
  5. Temptation cove is a newly opened clothing optional beach club. Good music, good people. Greedy, fishing, contests and shopping.
  6. hello panky and welcome to secondlife. lots to do here, many friendly people to meet. Let your imagination be your guide as far as the things youd like to experience. if you'd like to chat inworld give me an IM anytime. Enjoy your second life.
  7. Theres a new beach club looking very good called Temptation Cove. Clothing optional beach, good music and some shops
  8. ride hard and wild childs biker bar are two good places to ride.
  9. i make bikes and can hook you up with a nice one for cheap.If you IM me inworld can help you with landmarks to riding sims and any other things you may need to enjoy the sl biker experience.
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