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  1. After signing up, I tried using second life on both my computers, both AMD models, a laptop that is 2 1/2 years old and a desktop that is 3-4 years old, both top of the line hardware and Dual or Quad Core machines at the time of purchase. ( I do animation and Graphic Novels so I have to use top of the line machines) The Viewer would not open. I tried all your 3rd Party Viewers with the same results. I spent a few hours for a couple of days trying to get it to work and in the process encountered several messages about people with brand new Windows 8 machines and others with Windows 7 AMD machines who were having the same problem. I spent time on line with several of your Tech people and the line dropped about 15 times, making the experience totally frustrating, particularly when there was no positive outcome. I un-installed and re-installed drivers...I don't know what the REAL problem or the solution is but I'll wait till I have a Windows 9 operating system and try again. But I couldn't believe that you are talking about continuing to charge me for "land use" until my account closes completely as well The Land Use Fee (also known as a Tier Fee) is a monthly charge in addition to membership fees (i.e., US$9.95/month Premium Membership) I THINK THE MONEY I LOST SHOULD BE ENOUGH SINCE I WASN'T ABLE TO GET ANY USE OUT OF SECOND LIFE AT ALL! Good Luck!

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