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  1. Hello, is there a method to have the chat window stay open longer and have it add more lines of text? Thanks, John445
  2. Thanks all, Rowan I will go through the tutorials.
  3. Thanks Maitimo, more advice if you could.....I tried a demo head and then took it off and have no head. Then I got the demo head back (better than headless). Is my old head in inventory?
  4. 1. When moving to a mesh head and body, is the current avatar gone or still retrievable? 2. Can old, non-mesh clothing be used on a mesh avatar? Thanks, John445 Bachman
  5. Sorry is this has been asked, is there is listing of scripts in reverse order, i.e. Text used to label the sit action in the pie menu: llSetSitText?
  6. Might be a silly question, but when saving a build, do you attach the prims under one name? Thanks for answers above!
  7. I am leaning building in SL. I want to create a house and will be building in a sandbox. How can I save a build to inventory and then put it back out another time? Do builders leave their builds out somewhere while building? After saving a build, rezzing it again, adding to it, how to save the newest iteration? Thanks, John445 Bachman
  8. Returning to SL after a few years and trying to figure out mesh Avatars. Are mesh bodies and heads separate items, will old clothing work on mesh bodies? Is there a good place to read about mesh in SL? Thanks, John445 Bachman
  9. Hello, returning after some years and now have a new plot of land. There is a stream playing on my land....how can I control it, stop it or change it? Thanks, John 445
  10. Thanks, I now have as stock avatar from the pull down menu...i posted a new thread on that....now transparant.
  11. Returned to SL after some year away. I had a great avatar, but choose an avatar under the Complete Avatar selection. So it seems my old avatar is now gone. However I started deleting things I was wearing and took items off and now my avatar is transparent in those places. The avatar is clothing is under Greg. If I put something on still in my inventory, it shows worn but still transparent. Help, thanks! john445 Bachman
  12. I signed in to SL after a few years away. I made a mistake and change my avatar and now regret it. Is there a method to restore my previous avatar. Thanks, John445 Bachman
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