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  1. Yeah, they need to do another purge like they did a few years ago. (doubt they will though) There are thousands of avies that haven't logged in in years who have old homes claimed its sad really.
  2. Okay scratch that.. i thought i had it but i think some one nabbed it at the same time i did i got the apology thing.,.. BAH!
  3. Same.. sadly Yes i know but at the same time they are leaving the old regions which are empty just sitting there taking up resources what i dont get is why they are leaving so many of the old ones up when they can take them down and throw up a couple new ones. and I am sorry it dont take that long to do a region you throw down a house put some bushes and trees out call it a day i have seen the new regions i have walked around out in them most of them look like they just drop a few rez boxes put stuff in place and save.
  4. the Trad is gone too i'd be happy with anything from the new houses. I am not picky i am sick of the tiny old linden houses
  5. I sat few weeks ago and listened to some one brag about how all ten of their avies had the new houses and I literally shook my head and thought "What is the point there are so few of the new houses right now why not just take one for your main and take one of the older houses for the time being for your alts?"
  6. So many people have the new houses for all their alts and here i am with one premium account and have yet to be able to get a house.
  7. LMAO i know... I have been trying for MONTHS to get a new one and i keep missing out.
  8. BAH! i keep reaching my refresh rate says you can only refresh 10 times per ten mins ... >,< Grrr Linden labs is on my list....
  9. I have sat for the better part of a hour refreshing hoping one of the homes will pop up but its just meadow v,v is there anyway to go and directly claim the house if you have a Slur to it?
  10. I didn't mean they put them in the old areas I mean they need to start going through and deleting the old ones so they aren't a draw on the system they are just sitting there empty a literal draw and drain on the system.
  11. I have been trying for months to get one of the new houses I don't care which just one of the new ones i hate the old A-frame house I am stuck with the sim I am on there's maybe five of the houses in use while the rest of the houses around us are all abandoned. It shouldn't take this bloody long for them to roll out new houses. Because literally all they have to do is go through the old premium sims like the four that are around me that are completely empty and delete them to make room for the new ones.
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