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  1. So this would change the shape of the tail prim? I think it would give me the same effect I was loking for, but they use sculpty maps. Not sure if that would work or not.
  2. Thing is they are already done that way with all invisable but the one I'm using. I want to do away with that.
  3. Diffrent positions of sculpty tails is what I ment. Sorry if it wasn't clear on that. So the base prim would rez one tail, and derez the current one. Same way a lot of the newer bits are being made.
  4. Thank you, but this is not exacaly what I'm looking for. your examples just attach and detach worn items from inventory. I want to have one worn item (a base prim) that all the tail states will ez from and then position themselves derezing any previous tail.
  5. Hello. I am trying to fix an avatar that has multiple tail parts in hidden states. What I would like to do is either by clicking the tail or hud (prefered) be able to derez the current tail state, and rez the new one. I suck at creating the scripts for things like this, but I can mod an existing one that will do what I need. Thank you.
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