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  1. 3 hours ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

    Currently Linden Lab does not have a official second life discord,  but there are many unofficial ones about,  I'm sure somebody will be able to point you in a direction of one of those.

    Thank you , I guess they should make one then as they did with Sansar . 


    2 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Don't all the threads here with all the complaints about LL's proposed changes count as discord?

    Good point :) .

    1 hour ago, Cakewithfruit said:

    There only sansar.

    That´s what I thought ... Thank you for all the answers , I really hope they make one specially for new users.

    It would be good to  have a discord as extra channel to express our complaints and for sure get the information needed.

    Anyways thank you for the replys.

  2. Linden Lab if you check most of the comments above  , members and premiums users are not happy with this new features :

    - Content Creators we do complain about the cashout fee "5%" which is my situation and even if some of them accept it , we would love to know more information about it . Im sure that would be really helpfully to understand the Second Life situation even if its with numbers , but the fact is the way and the short time this was announce lessn a mo thanth to us. Also many of us we are having strong questions about why "2.5% + and not 1%..." we would love to hear some answers and Im completely sure exits. 

    - Most of the members of this community even if they are premiums or content creators we dont agree with the group reduction as many designers said its not a good strategy for the stores and store growing process same as marketing and promotion. Is there no other alternative way ?

    And for sure lest not forget about the new premium increasement I just feel there is a huge lack of information here.

    Second Life has one of the most amazing community I have ever seen in my entire life compared to all the platforms I used to play. Many of us we have been supporting , creating , enjoying even giving "our Real Lifes" to this. We know is a final decision  from Linden Lab doing this new features and theres nothing much we can do except complaining here with several post.

    We all make mistakes , even big companies . Please reconsider..

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  3. 12 minutes ago, MelodyMai Guardian said:
    16 minutes ago, Grumpity Linden said:

    Blueberry, you're right.  We do think about this, quite a bit in fact.  We've actually made changes a few years back to make the process credit fees more "fair" - where we used to charge an effectively higher % from small amounts than larger ones (by having a cap on the fee), we had been disproportionately charging the little guys.  

    I'd like to point something out, because I understand that it's really not obvious. There's a lot of conversation about people with basic accounts spending just as much or more than the cost of premium.  That's awesome, and you can chose how to spend your money!  However, not all the money you spend in SL is equal to LL. When you buy L$, you're buying them on the LindeX, from another resident.  Linden Lab takes $1.49 fee, regardless of how much you spend.  When you spend L$5000 on the marketplace, Linden Lab takes 5% of that, not the full amount.  The rest goes to the creator. When you spend it inworld, we take none of it (however, the store owner pays us for land - either directly or through a landlord).  OF COURSE we want our creator community to thrive. We have been jumping through regulatory hoops year after year to make sure that Second Life continues to be a place where you can make money and not just spend money - and this has come at a cost, which, unfortunately, we are partially passing on to those who are making money in SL.  

    With that, it's late. Thank you to all who have been willing to engage in conversation.  This thread has grown very long, and I cannot promise to continue monitoring it.  I'll do my best when possible. 



    Ok , I have several questions but I will be happy if you can answer just this one.

    Is this new cashout fee , it´s going to keep increasing every year or there will be a limit?

    Since I think most of content creators are worried about this double % cashout increment.

    Thank you.



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  4. 16 minutes ago, Diaxm said:

    We are talking about the raise of Process Credit being Over the top . We know they must be a increase somewhere to maintain Secondlife Economic, i respect that . But the 2.5% Increase is Dramatic and The questions is How much every year is going to be a Increase? Is there going to be a end one day? Or every year we will face another 2.5 % ? One thing is that there must be a fees and im willing to pay but at the end of the day we are talking about processing Money to give out to Paypal. IS it going to be faster for us at least? Whats more does we get from benefit? Nothing. I dont see a reasons valuable to resonate this Ammount .

    I totally agree with you aris , I really hope they take some time to answer properly to some of those questions. If this is a "marketing strategy" to increase the premium accounts I must say its a completely failure. Anyways I hope they considerer this action in less than a month without enough information for those increases. 

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