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  1. Thank you , I guess they should make one then as they did with Sansar . Good point . That´s what I thought ... Thank you for all the answers , I really hope they make one specially for new users. It would be good to have a discord as extra channel to express our complaints and for sure get the information needed. Anyways thank you for the replys.
  2. Hello I would love to ask , if there is official discord channel. I´ve seen sansar does have one and its really helpfully , in case Im missing it I would love to know it. Thank you!
  3. Linden Lab if you check most of the comments above , members and premiums users are not happy with this new features : - Content Creators we do complain about the cashout fee "5%" which is my situation and even if some of them accept it , we would love to know more information about it . Im sure that would be really helpfully to understand the Second Life situation even if its with numbers , but the fact is the way and the short time this was announce lessn a mo thanth to us. Also many of us we are having strong questions about why "2.5% + and not 1%..." we would love to hear some answers and Im completely sure exits. - Most of the members of this community even if they are premiums or content creators we dont agree with the group reduction as many designers said its not a good strategy for the stores and store growing process same as marketing and promotion. Is there no other alternative way ? And for sure lest not forget about the new premium increasement I just feel there is a huge lack of information here. Second Life has one of the most amazing community I have ever seen in my entire life compared to all the platforms I used to play. Many of us we have been supporting , creating , enjoying even giving "our Real Lifes" to this. We know is a final decision from Linden Lab doing this new features and theres nothing much we can do except complaining here with several post. We all make mistakes , even big companies . Please reconsider..
  4. Ok , I have several questions but I will be happy if you can answer just this one. Is this new cashout fee , it´s going to keep increasing every year or there will be a limit? Since I think most of content creators are worried about this double % cashout increment. Thank you.
  5. I totally agree with you aris , I really hope they take some time to answer properly to some of those questions. If this is a "marketing strategy" to increase the premium accounts I must say its a completely failure. Anyways I hope they considerer this action in less than a month without enough information for those increases.
  6. Hi im looking for 3d mesh creator to start making a new HQ Mesh clothes Shop please contact me for more info.
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