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  1. I just updated my computer and it seems to have fixed it. I hope it stays fixed.
  2. That dosnt really help because the error window comes up every time i start firestorm. Something is wrong so it just cant decode my login credentials
  3. I remember my login and can get in, it just dosnt remember my details and its a pain having to type them every time i log in. I also installed the LL viewer and it has the same problem.
  4. This problem for me showed up right after i upgraded my PC majorly (new MB, cpu, gpu, ram) and updated it, and iv tried a clean reinstall and iv tested on an alternate PC on the same connection, so i know its not my network settings. I use firestorm so i tried installing the vanilla viewer and the problem still happened. Where can i download new certificates to see if that could fix it?
  5. Not everybody is rich enough to be premium ->- this idea is just mean!
  6. I has a friend who wants a custom avatar made of his fursona :p so do you know anybody who does that? or at least someone who could make a skin fur a already available avatar to make it look like him? heres some pics of him 
  7. Im a latexy crux and just want a small job so i can continue paying for my 25l$/month apartment or get a better one. i am usually on from around 5:00 to 10:00 UTC on weekdays and am more random on weekends but if you ask me i can usually geton any time from noon to midnight.. il take any non-sexual job.
  8. Listen, i need a skybox/house/land that is 50L$ or lower each week with at last 10 prims
  9. isent it only copyright violation if you try to make money from it?
  10. I want to use maybe some videogame files to make very high quaulity mesh avatars, is this possible? and i wont sell them on the marketplace, just use them for myself.
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