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  1. Well these people wouldn't be famous if we didn't make them that way that is all. I don't care for the Kardashians but others obviously do. I am not so much talking about the current ones, but the old school had certain image they were to live up to and the press those days very much so help protect that image. it's not what it use to be that is for sure! In this and age everyone can be a celebrity for at least 5 minutes lol.
  2. She was a celebrity. They simple say and do things we want them to. Otherwise they wouldn't be famous. Her persona that she put out there is just that.
  3. Sometimes you have to find some inventive ways to hide other peoples gaudy stuff on land that has no covenant! I like my piece of land I got at the auction, however the person next to me has this spinning tacky ball in the air with their logo on it. I can see it on some parts of my land and not on others. So I just have to put things in spots that kind of cover it so I don't have to look at it. And when I put my glass platform in the air I just make sure I go high enough so that you can't see the ball thru the floor. I don't complain to the person next to me as they are entitled to put on their land what they want. And so am I as that is why I didn't buy my land privately. So you just have to think outside the box sometimes if you decide to buy auctioned land.
  4. Everyone strives to find the look they really like. It really isn't that easy. Skins will look so different depending on the shape you have. A horrible shape can make the skin look horrible no matter how expensive it is. I have gone thru many different shapes and skins since i started here and it is only 3 months. I also spent a lot of time trying demos of shapes and skins. Not an easy process and I would save the ones I like and then compare them to others. The look I have right now I really love and I ended up with a shape I found for free (that I tweaked) and a skin that cost me 700L and it is from a line that isn't really that popular. Go figure! I do have skins from the more popular ones and they are great skins, but when I found this one, I knew I finally had the look I wanted. It just gave me the extra thing I was looking for and I can't quit put my finger on it. You just have to keep experimenting and trying things. I really think a person evolves into their avatar as you really have no idea exactly what you want when you first start. But eventually it will click. I did try not to spend too much money in the beginning on clothing until I knew the kind of things I really wanted to wears. My look is very different from what I started with that is for sure! Edited to add: as pointed out by a previous poster lighting can make a big diference in how you look. Play around with windlights. Makes a big difference.
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