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  1. Thanks everyone for the great responses and to the ones that gave me a laugh I sat him down and asked him what he really wanted and in the end we decided we would make better friends yhan anything.. and after that choice was made everything got better for the both of us.. well it seems like it did.. And I dont understand why this would make a good catfish episode lol he new I am in a relationship RL, they both new about each other lol but I haven't seen this catfish show before soi don't know what I'm talking about lol Thanks again to all that helped D
  2. Please keep in mind that I am using my phone and it's pretty hard to type.. So I am in an SL and RL relationship, my RL partner is my SL brother who kniws about my relationship but that's not what I am writing about. My SL partner knows I am in an RL relationship and doesn't mind he said he just wanted SL but now he wants to add me to jis real Facebook so we can chat when we are at work.. I said no because thats too personal and to much RL interfereing, we don't see each other much because of our time zones and our work schedules.. and since I told him no to the RL Facebook thing he rarley speaks to me.. we wefe ment to get married yesterday and instead we stood in his house while hr skyped with his friends. My RL partnrr is mad at the way he has been treating me and tells me to end it and honedtly I wabt to but I dont want to hurt him.. I have asked advice ftom my family and friends and they say to un partner and De friend block and be done but that sounds to harsh when he hasn't really done anything that bad besides ignore me when I'm with him.. I guess what im asking is how do you leave someone without being an ass or without making a new alt (which has been suggested) again sorry for any mistakes.. I am doing this from my phone lol
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