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  1. I know, there have been several ones, and a profile is very easy to read...
  2. You know, it's not about drama, there is no drama. I'm in that sim too and I'd just like to avoid to be the next... simply... Then, someone told me "LL will never do anything" and, at this moment, I prefer to not believe that.
  3. An orb... could be a method. For one avatar. For ten. Maybe twenty... and if the griefer continues with different alts? I thought LL could do something when you publicly stay in a sim holding your profile full of insults like a sign, and containing a true disclosure issue as well.
  4. The target isn't me. The target is someone working in that region.
  5. Well, it's not typical, and as I said, there is one owner but what to do against 100 alternate avatars? And it's a diclosure problem too, since those insulting profiles report different avatar names, saying there is the same person behind.
  6. hello, how it is possible to defend against someone who keeps placing an avatar (with insults written in profile description) in a sim where the target works, and messaging other people in sim to offend the target? If the griefer has 100 alts, and the sim owner can't be there every day to ban these avatars? Jill
  7. Now it appears to be working... I cross my fingers.
  8. I can login, but: - Inventory doesn't load - I am rezzed, but my worn clothes are invisible - Avatars names are not displayed - My group list is not displayed - TPs are impossible - I am logged out after few minutes. :matte-motes-sour:
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